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Hi Everyone,:wave:

My name is Deborah but I go by Deb. I just recently learn of this most awesome and fantastic site from a blog that I can across while searching for tips on taveling over seas for vacation. First and formost, I am a huge animal lover! With having grown up with a wide range of pets as a kid, and I kept with having them all the way up until i packed up life from the east coast of US and moved to Alaska on a whim to start my career as a merchant mainer(sailor). I now live 95% or more of the year on the Research fishing vessel that I work on as part of the engine crew during the year, and last 5% is quick trips home to see family and love all over my fur-babies there, that my father takes care of for me, while working and traveling. As I typed this, we are currently sailing n the gulf of Alaska, and wil be heading back to home port in Newpport, Oregon.

Now that the world is starting open back up, and I have maxed my vacation and now to the point of having “Use it or Lose it”, time to look at getting back out there and traveling again. Having come across this site has got me all excited. The thought of getting to love on all kinds of animal-children while experiencing a home and life in another country is the most fascinating thing ever! I love to learn of new countries, cultures, people and animals alike, and this I feel opens those doors for me, also with a possiblity forced relaxation. I do love to travel and site see, however I have a tendency to go go go the whole time I’m there, and never have a chance to unwind before going back to work where I do 12 hour shifts every day of the week(weekends included)while out at sea, because of this, even being on vacation I’m just as exhausted as I was prior to leaving for it. So with some stays that have where pets are limited on alone time, or are speical needs, this will keep me from going so strong, and with the best part a chance at possible snuggles, and cuddles from fur-babies. You truly can’t beat that in my opinion.

So as you can see I can really type, chat and I love to share. I could literally write a book based upon my experiences, from pets, life, and even a whole book alone on my career choice and the things I get to see and do with that alone. I will attach some pictures to this post, of some of my animal-children, one is of me in front of two out of the 5 diesel generator we have on board my ship, then one of me with an 8ft squid we had caught. One is a picture of mine and my roommate’s porthole garden in our room, then some random pictures on my life at sea. The beautiful sunset is in women’s bay off of kodiak Alaska, just as some ice had started to float by us.

I’m excited to meet you all, and I plan on reading everything I can on here. Any tips or tricks, I would love to hear, and any questions, feel free to ask, as I’m a complete open book. :hugs:


Hi Deborah, welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters … Wow, thank you for a brilliant introduction and for your pictorial bio too.

You’ve come to the right place for "Tips & Tricks"although I’m sure you can reciprocate on that score and you must have wonderful stories about your travels and places you’ve seen, even your native Oregon which is a beautiful State.

“Your opinion” is one we all share and the reason why we do what we do and the reason we have a very special community … enjoy connecting with our members from around the world, thank you again for joining us, we cannot wait to share in your new TrustedHousesitters adventure.

Angela & The Team

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Whouahou !! @BlueDiamondRose this life style makes me dream ! You must live such extraordinary expriences ! Thank you for sharing the pictures? Welcome aboard pet and house sitting : this is also an extraordinary life style.

As a sitter mainly house-sitting in France (sorry for my mistakes, not being fluent in english) for the moment, I can tell you there are lots of opportunities here in my country if you want to cross over the big pond !


My job really is a dream, the things I get to see and at times be a part of is so fascinating to me. Sometimes I have a hard time believeing I was lucky enough to have a job like this. I have 1000s of pictures I have taken and can share.

France is definitely on my list of places to visit. I have a couple listings saved, that I’m thinking about. I must admit I’m a little nervous though, as I have yet to travel to a country that I don’t speak the language. I do know it will happen, it’s just taking the first step to do it. I heard google translater can be good and bad.

Hi Angela, thank for such an awesome reply. I’m sorry I’m having to type this again, as I noticed my last one didnt post.

I’m sure I have a few tips and tricks as well. I have actually been house/pet sitting since I was about 14/15. Mostly for friends and family, and the occasional referral from them to their friends. I haven’t taken much time off recently due to the uncertainty of things with covid, and from what I see the same can be said for most on here.

As for Oregon, actually I have seen very little. I did get to spend a week in Eugene, but it was during what work called "SIP’ or Shelter in Place. Where I had to secluded myself for a week, with as little to no outside contact to create a noncovid bubble on the ship, and because of that I got to see nothing. My actual hometown is Hampton, Virginia. I’m from there and have spent the most amount of time there. My father was Air Force, and Exhusband Navy. So i have lived and traveled to a bunch of places.

It’s nice to know there are people doing this for reasons similar to me. I cant wait to meet and chat with them. So heads up, most likely lots of post to come from me. :blush: