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Hello everyone,
I’m a 55 year old woman with a BS in psychology, 25 years of social service experience and the heart of a nomad.
I live in Oregon and I’m currently on my 2nd sit with TH. I’m on the beautiful Oregon coast sitting for a Macaw! My first time ever with a Macaw and it has been an adventure! It took us a couple of days to work it out but we’ve got it down now.
I enjoy getting to know new people and take great pride in forming a connection and trust bond with the pets entrusted to my care. The moment their apprehension turns to trust is magical and I’m always deeply honored. Never thought that would happen with a bird but here we are!
My favorite sits are ones that have soaking tubs and water views. I believe I’d watch a herd of elephants if they were on a waterfront home with a clawfoot tub! Lol
My dream sit is a house on a bluff, overlooking the ocean, any ocean,with a pool and a super cool dog! I’d also love to visit all of the countries of my ancestors some day and in the near future, I plan to take a year in my RV and travel the US sprinkling sits in along the way. Happy trails and safe travels to you all.


Hi @mossie, and welcome to the forum! You are going to get so much insight into Trusted Housesitters from owners and sitters. They can share with you their experiences, and in turn, you can share yours. You might also find just that “perfect” sit with views of the water AND a soaking tub…not sure you will find a herd of elephants though (lol)!

How big is your RV? Where will your travels take you next? Do you have more sits lined up along the way? I love the thought of traveling the country in an RV and watch so many youtube videos about all those folks who are doing just that. Love watching the ones where they plan on visiting all 50 states and film great places in each state. So much fun and I hope I get to do that one day!

You really do meet so many great people and precious furbabies along the way. Friendships get created, not to mention memories of a lifetime.

One thing that will help along the way is to link your forum profile to your member profile. That way, other members can connect easily with you if they have a sit in your area or even other sitters who might want to meet up if you are in the same area. Just post your adventures and see where it takes you. To add your profile, just follow this link: How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

Good luck with all your adventures and happy posting!

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Hi @Mossie. Welcome to the forum. They may not be elephants, and I wasn’t on a sit, but I got to watch hippos from a tub in Namibia.


@KarenE-Moderator no way! That’s amazing! I can’t even imagine the bliss! Stunning. Thanks for sharing that! Warmly, Tina

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