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Sharon & Terry here. Just found out about house sitting and sounds a marvellous way for me and my husband to see the world and make new friends (human and otherwise). We currently have a few holidays booked, so probably wouldn’t start looking till end of this year (run out of annual leave - but hoping to reduce working hours next year). But nice now I have joined the forum and hope to get lots of hints, tips and information before we commit. Hope to be speaking with you soon.



@Sherry We are having a meet-up in London next Saturday if you would like to come along (I have attached the link below), this would be a great way to get meet sitters and ask any questions that you may have :blush:

@Sherry Hello to you both and welcome to the community forum. I just want to mention that TrustedHousesitters also has a blog. You might find many of the articles there a good way to get an overall view of how things work.

Click to go to the THS blog homepage

It also has a search feature - look for the magnifying glass - so that you can zero in on topics of particular interest to you. The same magnifying glass feature is also on the forum and the main THS homepage.

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Samox24 - we live “up north” - but will keep an eye out for these meet up’s as we do visit London a few times a year (husband is from Surrey) - sound a really good idea (especially for us that are new/thinking of it).