This Pittsburgh lawyer wants to meet other housesitters!

Hi @KRF Congratulations on your first sit that’s fantastic! Would be so cool if you wanted to start a meet up in Pittsburgh and see what other members might be available for whatever date would work for you…I know it can sound a little scary to start to organize one yourself and not know who may or may not show up…head to the Meetups & Events category
and start a topic to see who might be around…or perhaps there’s already another Meet Up close to you that you can join.

You may also want to include your member profile here to your forum profile so members can see your listing. How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

I’m sure in no time you’ll be off on your first international sit! We’ve done two in Australia and one coming up in Mexico but plenty of members here have done loads more of international sits…you may want to use the search function above to read more about their experiences abroad.

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