THS insurance & Brexit

One of the reasons why we renewed our membership of THS was the insurance for the homeowners.
We care for the properties and pets as if these were our own, but you never know.

Now with Brexit (very sad) is this insurance still valid?


I’m sure it would be. I can’t think of a reason why not. Does anyone know?

@Dutchpetlovers @LTD … Thank you for asking a very relevant question which is best addressed by @Katie-MembershipServices who I’m sure will be able to help when she is back on line tomorrow.

It must be here in these texts…

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Hi @Dutchpetlovers

I apologise for the delay in getting back to you regarding your question about our Home and Contents Protection.

Our Home and Contents Protection is there to step in should your own insurance deny your claim, this extends to all countries that we operate in as it is an international insurance company.

You can find out more by following this link which also has our Terms and Conditions as well.

Kind regards,

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I asked once to members (owners or sitters) if anybody has ever needed to claim.
NOBODY answered… Nobody has ever lost, broken anything ?

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I think this is a good time to raise this again @Provence as the new basic HO membership will not include THS insurance.
As a sitter, I have been confused with what THS insurance covers. Reviews on Trustpilot have showed that members of THS have difficulty claiming on it. I think they only pay out over a certain figure anyway. It is not clear.
My own insurance does not cover accidental damage in another property and they do not have a policy to cover other properties.
So what happens if I accidentally spill something on a carpet and it is ruined?
I am still waiting a reply from @Katie-MembershipServices when I asked if listings will state whether a HO has just basic membership in their listing. If they don’t have THS ins then that is something that a sitter will need to consider when applying.
I too, @Provence would welcome input on this subject from other members.

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With my owner cap, I feel obliged to give my sitters names, adresses in their countries and copies of their liability insurances to my insurance company. Some sitters seem outraged when I ask them (before inviting them formally) !

but I do the same with the people with whom I swap. Insurances are not very pleased to pay. So i do prefer to be clear with my insurance company when somebody is staying at home. I guess if somebody breaks a glass or a tea pot he will replace it. But what about a bath which taps have not been turned off when he replied the phone, or worse, a fire ?
If the sitter has no insurance, if THS insurance does not cover the damage, then we shall have to sue the sitter ? Trials between countries cost a fortune with international lawyers

Swapping or pet sitting are marvellous ways of traveling cheap, as long as nothing bad happen.

With my sitter cap,I suggest to owners when I’m selected to send them the copy of my liability insurance.

This is why I would probably not select a sitter who has no longer a home and not any more private insurance. I checked, not all travel surances cover damages in a house you don’t rent… but stay for free. I doubt a sitter could afford the price of the repair

This is something I’ve never thought about (and probably should have!). I suppose I thought the HO’s home insurance would cover anything catastrophic and minor things (broken glasses, etc), we would cover.

Perhaps someone from the team could weigh in on just how much liability the sitter has?

I would not recommand enough to check with your liability insurance what it covers. In France your liability follows you where you are (it is called assurance villégiature). So If you break a thing or provoke an occidental damage in a hôtel, or on a friend’s home it works. But in your own house while you are away, damages must be covered by the sitter’s insurance or Ths.
I would be curious to read the details of Ths insurance. What happened If the sitter has no liability insurance ?
For sure i’m the anxious type. Which has not prévented me from welcoming sitters and swappers but i give their insurance infos to my own insurance company

Hi @Provence, Katie posted the Insurance details earlier in this thread on May 16th. All the information is available on the blog

Well i’ve just clicked on the link. It’s very general. My insurance is 25 pages. long. if a sitter breaks something very expensive (computer, tv, antics) i guess Ths insurance will not replace it If the owner can’t show a bill. If not an inventory (in case of theft). If some insurances pay to replace by a new item, others apply diminution of value each year…
I would prefer testimonies by owners confronted by the issue…

no, it is just the two of us, and we did not break anything (yet) since 2014. We hardly break anything at our own home too.

Thank you, Katie,

we have our own liability insurance with worldwide coverage. We have not had to claim since we took out the insurance (since 1986). Never damaged anything on our house sits either. Just to be safe and due to Brexit, conditions could have changed.

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Hi Provence,

Before we sold our house to our eldest daughter, we had many housesitters from all over the world. Even the lightest traveler brought their own laptop. Even the housesitter with 2 kids did not break anything.

On our housesits, we have always brought our own laptops too.

The insurance question arose because on one of the housesits, the owner told us that he invited us (we had done a housesit for him earlier) because a previous sitter had been very careless. Before that we were never thinking of this as we have worldwide liability insurance. We have never needed to put a claim in. Fingers crossed.

as an experienced swapper (more than 40 since 1988) i was very surprised 2 years ago when i asked my Visa premier world wide travel insurance If it covers any damage i may provoke in an owner or a swapper’ s home abroad.
The answer was NO
Why that? Because the Visa insurance covers damages in a home you have paid with your visa (hôtel, gîte, b&b, resort) or a train, plane, etc.
When it is free accommodation, you don’t use your crédit card, so you are not insured
That’s why i warn MY own insurance company where i sit or swap and my insurance follows me for the damages i would accidentally cause elsewhere

Damages made by a storm on my own house would be covered. My house does not move i do…

This is why i ask swappers and sitters to send me the copy of their insurance.
I don’t trust THS insurance so far, as we can’t see the clauses details, the small letters, the exclusions. Much too vague to my point of view…

Good point.

We have a separate worldwide liability insurance. Independent from the Visa travel insurance.