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I am a sitter, and insured via THS, however I have a chance of sitting another pet away from the THS platform. Would I still have insurance for that?

If not, and I get additional insurance from elsewhere, then would one of the policies be null and void, or would my THS insurance still be valid?

@HappyDeb That’s an interesting question and a good one to know!

The THS insurance only applies to sits that are confirmed via the THS platform, during your membership year. So if your membership expires you will not be covered and if you choose to sit for an owner privately off of the platform or via another website you will not be covered.

If you choose to use a different insurance provider to cover your private off-site sits then that should not affect your insurance when you are then back doing THS-confirmed sits. As any THS insurance only counts when sitting via the THS platform, you can check this in the terms of the insurance and Membership Services can also help.

You can find out more by going to the help desk and searching for ‘insurance’ and you will find the terms of each insurance here:✓&query=insurnace

or by contacting Membership Services at

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Being new to THS and having my first sit starting in a week, I’ve been curious about insurance also. THS offers the Accident & Third Party insurance. But what about pet sitter insurance, i.e., in case something happens to the pet and the pet owner blames the sitter? I do see that such a thing as pet sitter insurance exists. Pet Sitting Insurance & Bonding: What It Covers & Why You Need It
Do any experienced THS sitters take out their own sitter insurance? I’d love to know more.

@redwing007 Welcome to the forum, it’s lovely to have you here :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your first sit! Where are you headed and what pets are you caring for?

If you go to the help desk and type in Insurance you can find all of the available types there and read the terms of what is included in each one.

Here is the link to help you get started:

There is insurance which covers the owner’s home and contents and also sitter insurance that covers third party and liability should the pet injure another pet, person or property whilst in the sitter’s care.

I couldn’t see anything that specifically would cover the pet, but in the T&Cs it advises owners to have pet insurance and plans in place for veterinary care.

You can reach out to the Membership Services Team for more information at

There might also be more information on this thread:

Good Luck on your first sit :grin: