THS Welcome Guide

Can the THS welcome guide be shared with a sitter prior to a confirmed sit?

I use a word/pdf WG as a host and can send it anytime to a potential sitter, so I dont know about the THS WG.

Curious so if I ask for a WG before accepting a sit and the host uses THE THS’ online WG…can it be sent prior to a confirmation?



It also becomes unavailable on the day after the last day of the sit that is in the THS system. This can be a problem when cleaning when a sit was extended (travel delays of the HO etc).

@HelloOutThere only once the sit is confirmed can the WG be shared with the sitter. The home owner can save it as a PDF and share it that way before the sit is confirmed by using their print function, instead of printing to a printer choose PDF and save it then email it or attach to a WhatsApp message.

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I spoke with a fabulous home host today and that was helpful info to have.

Thank you @pietkuip and @Crookie.

She understands that if after reading the WG should I want to back out, no problem.

But I hink all is going to be fine.

Another wonderful score in the THS community (for both of us I might add😁)