Time Zone Search

Would there be a possibility of being able to filter/search by time zone? As someone who works remote, sometimes I don’t know exactly where I want to go, but would love to browse based on my work time zone.

Excited to be headed to my next sit in coastal New England in 38 days… but who’s counting??

I would have thought that would be incredibly tricky tech-wise. In the UK we change our clocks twice per year (we’re about to change them this weekend), and there an awful lot of different time zones across the world, let alone in the US. It’s just my opinion but I think you’re asking something that would be incredibly expensive for THS to adopt, there is probably a much better way of spending money to improve the site.

It may be easiest if you make a list of the places that are within your specific time zone, and save them in your “search” list.

You could do a map search of for example the Western hemisphere, and make that a Saved search. Unfortunately, it is not possible to select a rectangle on that map.

Hi @tiffanydawn117 and welcome!
Spring in New England is a great time!
We are a combined membership in NH!
Enjoy coastal NE!