Travel costs

Have any other sitters felt it necessary to decline an invitation to sit, due to the cost of travelling there and back?

Absolutely. Or the timing, or the sit itself, or the pets, or the home… We have had to graciously decline invitations, at the same time wishing the HO success finding a sitter.


Yes indeed, I always consider the distance, fuel cost, duration of sitting and attractions in the area before applying.

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Before applying ? you have no time now, you need to answerr fast… (see the thread “pause system applications”)

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Not every sit will receive 5 applications within minutes. Even if it annoys me that I can only get 5 applications and then the system auto-stops , the applications haven’t come in THAT quickly for a sitter not to be able to check if it’s worth the costs to apply.
If I were a sitter, who wants to sit in a certain area, I would check the approximate costs before listings pop up. They don’t have to be the exact costs but I would want an overview how much plane tickets or whatever is involved to reach the area would be.
I don’t think that people just jump on listings everywhere popular. Especially nomads have a “plan” they follow and which follows a certain route. It’s not that complicated to know some things beforehand. Details can be checked later.


Exactly. The new pause feature is annoying but it won’t stop me from applying for the sits that we want. I have a click and paste generic application which goes out immediately then I will do a personal one immediately after. We have already a rough plan of our travels in the next year and know approximately, how much it will cost. It’s in our budget so the green light has been pressed.

So come on pet owners from Mexico, Guatemala and Costa Rica you know you deserve a holiday! (Decided on sun after much thought on snow)


@Caroline99 Yes I got invited to a nights sit in a great location and what looked like a fantastic fur baby but I had to decline as it was going to cost me just over £90 in travel costs.

Wow…I’m not surprised you declined!

For me it’s apples to apples and oranges to oranges.
How much is that time if I had to pay rent or airbnb?
Always compare the things relative to the reality of living vs looking for cheapest or “best deal”.
What are the perks of that travel cost aka investment?
What are the opportunities that experience, investment, will provide?
new experience with animals? excitement of new interesting people, location? will it add increase to my experience, profile, or personal expansion such as people who I can learn from on a personal or overall growth goals?

I have learned more than I can ever express from sitting for people who have been outside of my regular circles. It has sparked fire in me to see and know what is possible.
And this has nothing to do with only people who are of higher social or economic status. I have learned a great deal from what some might say are simple folk. Sometimes you learn incredible things where you least expect them.
So I look at the total “package”. Sometimes it has more out of pocket expense initially but what I take away has far greater value.

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