Travel Insurance

I’m 70.
I use the Allianz annual plan, but I don’t think it’s health insurance. Trip interruption, repatriation, etc. But my Kaiser Medicare advantage has covered emergent care when out of the area.

How do you insure yourself?

We have Allianz as well, through our Mastercard, and it covers travel medical as well as trip interruption. But it’s only for 31 days max so we often buy an extension policy. It covers us for the whole year for as many 31 day trips as we want to take I think.

The only downside of our particular Allianz policy is that it’s not valid in any country that Canada has a travel advisory for.

If we wanted to travel when there’s an advisory, I might look at Blue Cross which covers COVID including trip interruption for the spouse if one person ends up in hospital.

Obviously, you have to find insurance from whatever country you live in though.

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That’s the problem. The UK Government has put up retirement age, mine now is 67 but the travel/health industry haven’t caught up. It’s nigh on impossible to get year long health/travel insurance if you are over 65. Even packpacker insurance is under 50. I think once they retire you, they want you to sit in the house and wait for death.

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Hi @TravellingWitch can I ask what is the name of the insurance company you have that allows you 90 day holidays - I was stuggling to find any that allowed more than 50 days

Not sure if it’s available to people who live in England, but have you considered getting a credit card that includes travel insurance? Actually, just noticed ours is only good until I turn 65. Then I have to buy top up medical…

And there lies the problem - we are all living longer but according to the insurers we are not as healthy.

It’s interesting, I’m the primary cardholder and still under 65 (I’m 61), but hubby is 71. Nevertheless, our medical coverage is still valid because it’s based on my age as the primary card holder, not his as the spouse (until he’s 75 anyway).

And when we buy extended coverage for trips longer than 31 days, hubby always has to do a medical questionnaire because of his age. His extra insurance ends up being cheaper than mine because has no health issues, and mine is calculated automatically for the health of an average 61 year old. I even asked if I could fill out the questionnaire and maybe save a few bucks, but they said no.

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Just checked my credit card and it isn’t one of the perks. Damn.

I use the one from STA travel, but haven’t been sick or had any accidents in years, so can’t really say if they are good or not.

Just took a quick look and it appears STA Travel agency is no longer in business. STA Travel Insurance has merged with World Nomads.

Depends on the country. They’re back in business in Germany (after a gap).

No I doubt it comes with a standard credit card.

We got a BMO World Elite Mastercard primarily for the travel benefits - rental car insurance, travel medical insurance, trip interruption etc. But you do have to have one person under 65.

You can get travel insurance via Globelink in the UK, it’s a reliable company providing highly professional service, I always use their help when travelling. Check out their site.

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