Travel Talk - Where In The World?

Today Is World Gin Day, YES There Really Is One … Why Post In Travel Talk?

It’s a “Where In The World” would you love to be “Partaking” of your favourite drink?

We know how much our community love to travel and talk travel now’s your opportunity to take us to one of your favourite places in the world where you’d “Partake Of Your Favourite Gin Cocktail”

The Long Bar in Raffles, Singapore, Harry’s Bar In Venice, American Bar, Savoy, London or It might be on your favourite beach, on top of a mountain, a city, cafe or restaurant anywhere in the world as long as it’s your favourite …

And if your tipple of choice is something non alcoholic where would you love to be sipping your tea today?

Got a fav cocktail or mocktail recipe to share?.. Let’s have a traveling mixologist WGD

Happy World Gin Day :heart_eyes: :cocktail: :earth_africa: :earth_americas: :earth_asia: :sunny:


My discovery in France so far is it’s not so into gin, but then why would you be with so many lovely wines?!! :slight_smile: I’ll be sipping a good old gin and tonic tonight garnished with some herbs from the garden. The only other place I’d be happy to be sipping a gin now would be back in Wales where we lived within cycling distance of the Penderyn Distillery in the Brecon Beacons in the days before gin became such a “trendy” UK drink!!

Seems they have lots of competition now - here are some more gins from Wales!


One of my favs is actually the Long Bar at Raffles, we lived in Singapore for just over a year and it was one of our regular haunts (I’ve not eaten peanuts since:))

They have an amazing Sunday Champagne Brunch

One Sunday we had made a late reservation and were one of the last diners in the restaurant, still on our main course the staff started clearing the buffet, including all of the deserts!

I asked to speak to the Maitre D and pointed out that we had yet to choose our deserts and now couldn’t, suggesting that perhaps a staff member might have invited us to make our selection before clearing, I “complained” in a very polite and discreet manner, he was equally polite and incredibly apologetic, “I will take care of it Mrs Laws”

10 mins later a sweet trolley arrived with EVERY desert from the buffet, two bottles of champagne and a selection of liqueurs … “Please take your time and enjoy”

On leaving … “Can we have the check please?”

“Please accept brunch with our compliments, we are so sorry if we have detracted from the enjoyment of your Raffles experience”

Excellent customer service and yes just one of my favourite places to “Partake Of Anything” really :cocktail: :wink:

and on the other side of the world on top of Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler, Canada :canada:


It looks great. Without the bill it’s even better :grinning: :champagne: :+1:

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@Vanessa-Admin I will have to look out for some of these Welsh gins when we house sit on the edge of the Brecon Beacons in August. Penderyn might be the nearest, although we will be on the eastern edge of the Beacons.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will deal with it forthwith :wink:


Have a wonderful time… I lived there for many years and it always felt the most “home” of any place I called home :slight_smile: So many lovely villages to visit, hikes, lakes, forests - and such a lovely month to be there.


Today is also National Rosé Day here in the US. In her article, Texas wine specialist Shelly Wilfong says, “Rosé is a style that is particularly well suited for Texas vineyards and for Texas wine drinkers. Winemakers utilize many different grape varieties to craft rosé. In most cases, the grapes are harvested early and are pressed quickly in a style similar to that of the dry rosés of Provence. A chilled rosé can be enjoyed year-round in Texas and is the perfect pairing for many favorite dishes.”
If you love wine (like I do) and head to Texas, here’s her article:


We spent a wonderful 3 months in an RV travelling through and aroundTexas and aboslutely loved it. It seemed impossible to leave given it’s size and because there was so much to see and do that we just hadn’t expected. Wish we’d known about this as we ended up drinking more beer than wine, and wine is our preference! Next time! Thanks for sharing and Happy (belated) National Rosé Day :wine_glass: :wine_glass: :clinking_glasses:


On deck anchored off Orange Creek, Cat Island, Bahamas.
It’s a family island that very few people visit.


I got so sunburned snorkeling off Cat Island when a flew home from the Bahamas it was like a snake had shed it’s skin around my seat!


It truly is a diverse state. We have spent a lot of time in the eastern “piney woods” section and last year a little time in the Hill Country. Next month we’re going back for some sits in the Dallas and Austin areas, and then one in Houston. We’ll be on the wine lookout :slight_smile:


Can I change it to Vermouth ( not the Cinzano) and then in one of the fantastic little Vermouth bars in Madrid. I didn’t know it ws a thing until an old friend who lives in Madrid met up with me while on a sit and introduced me to the joys of Mature Vermouth (and many other ages/sorts) and that is sooo much different to the vermouth many know.
So picture early evening people winding down and enjoying a glass of vermouth topped up with ice and. lemonade if you don’t want a full glass of vermouth. Sitting on the pavement cafe watching people pass by, have so missed this, this last year & a half

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Hi @Maggie you can certainly change your choice to vermouth and thank you for taking us to Madrid, we so enjoyed people watching with you and a glass of Mature Vermouth. :sunny: :heart_eyes:

We love the Long Bar at Raffles :heart:

Also another great spot for a cocktail in Singapore is Marina Bay Sands, especially when you are poolside! :wink:


We would love to have been partaking with martinis on our favourite bench at one of our favourite resorts in the world, The Ocean Club, a Four Seasons Resort in the Bahamas. It is normally one of our regular go to destinations had it not been for Covid but we are hopeful we will be able to return there sometime soon.

Since opening in 1962, The Ocean Club has been a playground for celebrities and discerning travellers set along an 8 kilometre (5 mile) stretch of natural, white-sand beach on Paradise Island. The beautiful intimate low-rise buildings are immersed in 14 hectares (35 acres) of Versailles-inspired lawns and gardens.

In the 2006 remake of Casino Royale, you may remember James Bond checking in to a luxurious hotel overlooking the ocean, parking a car in a memorable way and having a nighttime rendezvous with a woman in a red dress, who earlier in the day rides a horse on a beautiful beach. The co-star in all of these scenes was The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort, Bahamas.


Hi @Samox24 “A picture says a thousand words and covers more than a thousand miles” … thank you for transporting us to Singapore and the Bahamas …

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Thank you Angela :blush:… my thoughts exactly! :slightly_smiling_face:

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