Travelling with Friend on profile info

Hello guys. A friend of mine from Barcelona signed up on via the referral programme. Hip hip hurrary as this is no meant feat in Spain as sadly most Spanish just do not get this type of house/pet sitting arrangment as much as i try to be an advocate of THS the past 4 years.

The only thing is they are 2 retired female friends who have signed up together but the profile shows they will be travelling as partners. Can this be changed to show travelling as friends?

They can´t seem to do it.


Hi @NigelLovell and congratulations on referring a friend from Spain.
Unfortunately there is no way to change it from couple to friends. What I would suggest is they include it in their profile heading e.g. Two friends who love pets and travel" and then in the About section they can explain a bit about themselves. I’m sure I’ve seen a heading at some time that mentions travelling sisters, or mother and daughter etc which would fall into the same situation as your friends as they are not couples either.


Thanks Temba

Good morning Nigel and thank you for being an ongoing advocate for us - congratulations on referring a non-expat member from Spain… as you say, it’s a culture that needs a lot of reassurance where house and pet sitting is concerned. You did better than me in the 3 years I lived there :slight_smile:

@temba gives you great advice… changing your profile heading is a very effective way to highlight that they are travelling together as friends, rather than partners, with a fuller explanation in the profile.

All the best, Vanessa