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Fun Stuff topic so my apologies if the subject line deceives anyone. I thought the alliteration was catchy.

I’m an avid music listener, enough so that Spotify puts me at an average of 78 days of listening per year each of the last four years. I also attended 50+ concerts each of the last three years. :see_no_evil:

I love suggestions and stumbling upon local artists when I travel who infuse themselves into multiple playlists of mine. I’m still awaiting the housesit where I walk into a library of hundreds of vinyl so I can simply spend my days watching pets and dancing about the house.

I wouldn’t say I have a specific taste although I believe we all go through periods of certain genres satisfying us more than others so right now it’s more soul, folk pop, and those who are both singer-songwriter focused.

So, what are some of your favorite artists/songs of all-time or any new releases that you really took a liking to recently? A couple of my recent artists/bands on repeat are below:

Joy Oladokun

Joy is an incredible singer/songwriter who recently left me in literal tears at a music festival. I’ve never had a song/performance overwhelm me but I heard what I believe to be the first time they performed of “Questions, Chaos, and Faith” in front of fans and it left multiple people emotional after hearing the story behind the song and it relating to many of us. I don’t know whether she was expecting to release the single soon after but there was pressure from social media to do so after video of the Cancun performance surfaced. Joy had been on my radar for years and was already a favorite but that performance catapulted them into another realm for me.

The Copper Children

A Denver, Colorado group of artists that I’ve seen a few times thanks to calling that city home over the last three years. Their melodic sound is something I enjoyed waking up to when I am on sits on a Colorado mountainside as they provide a peaceful, easy feeling to grip my soul each morning. They perform around town as a full band as well as pairs/trios depending on the venue and other scheduling conflicts yet each of their performances are so beautifully unique.

Frank Turner

I saw this English band in New Orleans a few years ago. Before they finished their set that night, I had bought each vinyl that was available at the venue and the next day planned a trip with a friend to go see them in another city. Dropped a few hundred dollars in about 12 hours because I was that blown away.

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Gabriel Vargas. On Spotify & youtube. Plays locally inelbourne, Australia

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Speaking of Frank Turner… An interesting story from this past weekend that I didn’t know was happening when I posted last week.

World Record for most shows in 24 hours