TrustedHouseSitters App Issues

Hello, all and especially the techies at THS. For some reason my THS’s App does work on my iphone. Is it just me or are others having an issue?

I’ve tried redown loading it and rebooting my phone but to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Hi all. Looking for some technical help. My app works great until I go on airplane mode or am out of cell service in which case every time that happens it logs me out of the app. Even more problematic is when this happens it won’t let me log back in. I enter my username and password but where It says enter is not highlighted/clickable. Only work around is to delete the app and reinstall it every time this happens. Wondering if there is some setting or some thing that I don’t know about to prevent this or if anybody else is having similar issues. I do have the “keep me logged in “setting on. This only happens when I’m losing data connection.

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Hi @Freebird. I’m not aware of an issue but can you let me know whether you are using an Android or Apple device and I will check with the weekend support team to see if any known issues or similar reports and let you know.

I am using and I-Phone 13 and have the latest version of the app installed (as I had to reinstall it yet again yesterday after it froze me out)

I’m having a similar issue but I cannot even open my app on my iphone. I’ve tried reloading, rebooting… but to no avail. Help!

Hello :wave:

This sounds very frustrating and I apologise for this.

We are looking into it and trying to recreate the issues outlined above.

Many Thanks, Ben

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Much appreciated!

I have the same issue with my iPhone - the app will not load - which has only happened since the recent update. I’ve also flagged it with THS

Thanks Ben. I now seem to be having the same issues the other folks are having where I just can’t get my app to load at all, yesterday it worked just fine. Glad to hear somebody’s looking into this.

I still cannot use my iphone to access my THS app!! Anyone else? I’m getting nervous because there doesnt seem to be a whole lot of action. I need to get this resolved. Please THS…fix this please.

I just noticed this article today. I have an iPhone 11 and I’m not having any problems with the app. I’m just wondering if it’s an Apple problem for some phones, rather than a THS problem. :thinking: Perhaps someone who still have Apple support coverage could check with them? I don’t have a lot of knowledge on this topic, but just thought I’d share. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good point but I have an older model, S8. I hope I don’t have to buy a newer model!!

I have an iPhone XR and the app works on every tab except for my Dashboard, which comes up as a blank page. It’s very frustrating because i can’t see my upcoming sits and have to log into my computer or browse through the inbox on the app. I recently reported this to support.

And I have an even older iPhone5!

You’ve probably done this, but have you downloaded the latest Apple update? If not, this could be causing problems. Btw, Apple has stopped providing updates for the the IPhone 6S and older models.

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Yes, I always keep it current. Thanks for the thought.

Yes, I have the most up to date version of iOS for my phone - which is 12.5.5. The App says that it is compatible with my phone, and with systems of iOS 11.5 or later. All worked fine before the THS App update of a week ago.

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I am also continuing to still have problems. The app seems to work fine and then unexpectedly just logs me out and will not let me log back in. The only workaround I found is deleting the app and reinstalling it, which I’ve now had to do at least a dozen times. I appreciate the comment above about issues with iPhone 13 which is what I’m using, but I am not having problems with any of my other apps, just this one, and it just started a few weeks ago. Can THS please let us know somebody is working on this.

Hi @Freebird - we have checked in today with the team and it has been escalated. All additional information provided on this thread has been added to the query and the App team are continuing to investigate and are trying to recreate the issues reported in these posts. Ben is on vacation for a week but we’ll keep checking with his team and update when we hear something back. Thanks for your continued patience.

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Anyone having issues with the app today?

I get an alert that I have a message. Open it up and there is just a blank page.

I have a samsung. Be interesting if anyone else is having issues.