Two trips away very close together

We are going away for 5 days, back for 5 days and then away again for 6. Ideally I would like the same sitter so as not to upset the cats. Can anyone suggest a way to do this?

@Still_32 - I can only suggest that you list both sets of dates and mention in your listing that you would prefer the same sitter(s) for both listings but it’s not a deal breaker.
Many sitters wouldn’t commit to a second sit until they knew how the first one went (me included) but if you are in a popular location you may get lucky.

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That might be ideal for you, but finding a sitter for whom a schedule like that will fit into travel is unlikely – not impossible, but unlikely. Unless you have a super big home or a separate guest house that you airbnb, and could host someone in your home as your non-sitting guest for five days, allowing both of you a fair amount of privacy, I don’t know how you would manage it.

Here’s a cautionary tale of someone who hosted a sitter who wasn’t sitting: BEWARE of Sitters that just want a free place to stay - #67 by Rlean808

The other issue with this is it kind of locks you in to a sitter. What if you came home and found things weren’t great? Would you go on with the second sit?

If you post both dates, you might find there are some sitters who are open to doing both dates, and you could prioritize those applicants. You might find no one would be interested in the gap.

@Still_32 it’s possible. We have done similar types of arrangements although the official stance through THS is you have to vacate for the entire time.

Is the house big enough to share? Do you have a separate annexe? What is the arrangement?

Potentially it could work though if you live say in a holiday type area sitters might be happy to head out for a few days exploring and then return.

You should list as two separate dates and then see what applications you get.

I see others mentioning about problems with sitters but on the whole this is quite rare if you pick someone with decent reviews.

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Good tips/hints from @Marion
We agreed a sit once where the hosts asked us, during the video call, if we were available for a second set of dates just 3 days later- i.e a very similar situation to yours.
We agreed to both sits on the condition they were listed as two sits- not just one long one since they’d be home for 3 days in the middle- effectively breaking the sit up. They thought that was an odd request till we explained that if they had different sets of sitters it would be two sits with two reviews. So in this case- same sitters but two sits & two reviews!
The other deal- maker was that they had a huge home with a completely separate (& gorgeous) self contained guest suite over the garage- everything was 5* and luxurious. They preferred not to have us overlap with them in the main house so the arrangement was we’d stay in the guest suite for the first (weekend) sit and the gap days (when we were off duty) and then we moved into the main house with the dog for the second (longer) sit. It worked out perfectly and everyone was happy!
So if you have a separate space to offer sitters that could be an idea.
We also had a similar scenario recently- two sets of dates close together- but the difference was we found a 3 day sit elsewhere that conveniently filled the gap between the two main sits so that worked out well too!


Thank you for the suggestions. I am going to advertise both dates separately and see who responds. I think I have changed my mind and I will look for two sitters. As someone suggested, if the first sitter is not brilliant, I don’t want the, back for a second sit.