Two Cats, Sometimes One

I need to post a listing for multiple trips, and one of my cats will be traveling with me on two of them. Because of the time of year, those dates will be a lot harder to find someone for, and I want to make it clear there will only be one cat to look after for those.

Is there an ideal way to do this, or should I just add the one cat only, try to secure a sitter for those priority sits, and (assuming there’s still plenty of lead-time left), THEN add the 2nd cat to my profile? Thoughts?

That’s what I would do. For sitters applying for the easier-to-fill sit, just reply immediately explaining the discrepancy. Experienced sitters will understand.

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I personally wouldn’t care if I were taking care of 2 cats or one. I have seen several listings that mention both dogs and cats in the header, and in the description say that on these dates they will be taking the dog with them so it will only be caring for the cats.


As a homeowner I find the multiple dates thing unwieldly. I only used it once. I’d just write in the listing description what’s different on the different dates. I don’t think most people sitting cats care if it’s one or two.

Hi @CatDude why do you think the # of cats should be an issue?
Health or behavior?

I would set up the listing with the two and just note in your description the modifications either in about you or in responsibilities as a header.

June 4 thru june 10 only kitty X will be in residence

Jine 11 thru 30 BOTH kitties will be in residence.

Then just confirm the info when you are talking to potential sitters.

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Hi @CatDude
May I suggest you list with both your cats but out a note in your listing that one cat sometimes travels with you so the sit may only be one cat in your home.

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I would just call out specifically in your welcome section the break down of which cats will be present for which dates.

As you are decreasing the number of animals, it’s less issue-matic than if you were increasing the number.


I have several dates listed and the following cats will be present for each sit:

  • [date range of sit] you will care for [cat x] and [cat y]
  • [date range of sit] you will care for only [cat y]