UK Newbie here

Hi, totally new to this. Discovered this great community at our village book club.
We live in a small rural UK Oxfordshire village, 20 mins drive to Oxford and on the edge of the Cotswolds. Fairly close to Blenheim Palace.

We have 2 Border terriers, one who’s old and now completely deaf. A Bengal cat who’s allowed outdoors, and a couple of hens. Also a local beekeeper has 3 hives at the bottom of our garden, he looks after them.

We have done many house swaps in the past so used to having others stay in our home. Although that was pre cat, and the dogs went to my sisters.

I’m excited by the prospect of being able to find a trusted sitter if we need one. And not to worry about our pets. Only wish teens could be sat for as well🤣. We’d also be interested in sitting for others as we’ve done this on house swaps.

Helen and Mark Taylor


GORGEOUS! Welcome @Foxglovecottage
Your area is truly lovely, been there on sits and would gladly go back.
There is lucky sitter out there looking for you.
Best wishes.


Thank you x

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Welcome Helen and Mark! Your home and Border Terriers (I love the breed) look lovely. My home is Cheltenham but I’ve rented it out (for the second time) to housesit full time. I’ll be off to NZ at the end of October having spent a wonderful 6 months there & 8 housesits prior to the pandemic.
I’m currently on my 38th housesit in East Sussex.
You’ve done the right thing by joining. It’s fabulous for all involved.
You’ll find a lot of information within the forum.
I hope you have a great experience!


WOW! How beautiful! If I was a sitter I would love to spend time in your home and your cute pets!

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How lovely to meet you, Helen and Mark, (@Foxglovecottage) and thank you for sharing your photos of you both, your home and of course, your border terriers and Bengal cat. Oxfordshire is a favourite county for this Australian as we have close friends living between Wantage and Faringdon and know the county quite well. I’m thinking you are more north where you mention your close proximity to Blenheim Palace.
Enjoy being a member of both THS and this forum.


Hello and welcome Helen & Mark @Foxglovecottage . We are a family of housesitters based not too far away from you in Cheltenham. I’m sure you will have lots of interest from sitters.

We used to look after a friend’s dog who became deaf in her old age. With THS we have also cared for a deaf cat, and another who was both blind and deaf.

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It’s nice to hear this thank you. I hope there are sitters would like to come to our home x