Unable to apply to a sit beginning the day my last sit ends

I just went to apply to a sit beginning the same day my prior sit ends and the apply button was faded out and I was unable to apply.
Being in a popular location the sit went to reviewing in minutes and now I, as a full time sitter have missed the opportunity to fill a window I had needed to.
I was of the understanding that sitters could overlap the day a sit ends and begins after the 5 application rule was imposed.
I tried to contact member services, but I may as well have just yelled into the street for all the help I didn’t get!
Has anybody else experienced this happening to them and did you manage to resolve it or find out if they have changed this feature again to not even allow you to fill an overnight gap and miss out on applying to a great looking sit?

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If you happened to coincide with the host confirming a sitter, taking their listing down or such (including the listing hitting five applicants), there wouldn’t be any way for you to apply. Otherwise, if the listing were still active and they hadn’t reached five applicants yet, you should’ve been able to apply even if you had the one-day overlap.

Yep the sit was freshly listed and I received a notification, the apply button was active and I pressed it to apply and got the faded out your busy with another sit notification even thought this sit began the same day the sit before ends. It didnt go into review it just said your busy… within 5 minutes it went into review as its a popular destination.

It’s disappointing @FelineFriendly but unfortunately you’re one of many affected by this and THS has no intention of changing it.

I thought THS had acknowledged that you should be able to apply for a sit that starts the same day the previous one ends. Maybe the IT has a glitch? I should contact membership services to report this.

that should have never happened, as according to THS, the day a sit ends is not part of the new change, and you are able to apply to a sit starting on the same day a sit ends, as you aren’t busy anymore with the finished sit. There was most probably a mistake on the back end, and you were victim of it.
Whenever there is a technological “improvement” and because we are talking code, there can very possibly be a glitch and errors, and you experienced that.
I would contact @Carla @Jenny so they take your example and bring it to IT, so they can resolve that issue once and for all, with a concrete example.
If you can find the listing again, with the dates, and show them that you aren’t booked, then they’ll see it is a technological problem on their end and if the sit isn’t filled yet, maybe help you with your application (doubt it, but who knows).
A moderator just messaged me to change my handle name in the forum because I had THS in it, which was apparently very confusing to other forum members, as they weren’t sure who worked for THS (I certainly do not work for THS if anyone had the slightest doubt).
Bottom line: I followed her tutorial to update my name, and there was no pencil near my name where there should have been one. She ended up updating my name herself so no, THS is not a flawless machine, and needs to review its code continuously, like other IT based companies, and definitely work on reducing that type of error, because that’s such a bad problem (my forum name isn’t).
Sadly, it also means you missed on a great opportunity and that shouldn’t happen again, to anyone, so by coming fwd with your example, you might help the IT team work on that specific issue.
Personally, my Forum name is the least of my worries, it’s just an example to show the system messes up.

You may have made a mistake, did you have another sitting booked where the end dates overlap?

You can easily check - find any sit with the start date the same as the end date of one of your confirmed sits, click on the listing and see if the Apply button is dark or grey.

Nope I do this full time and the sits in my area go fast, so I can whip out an application in 30 seconds with my eyes closed, although they were wide open this time! I always check my dates before I apply and couldnt believe my luck that this sit perfectly aligned with my dates… hence my frustration and creating a forum profile to have a whinge after lurking here for 14 months!

@FelineFriendly , sorry, your post is slightly confusing

This reads as if you went to apply, but could not write an application as the apply button was grey?

This reads as if you did write the application but then it would not send?

Haha this is why I rarely communicate this way!
So I didnt write the application, as when I clicked on apply it said I had conflicting dates. So I rechecked my dates and they were not in conflict and I have already successfully applied for a sit where the end and start dates were the same, so I was confused and wondered if they had changed things up again.
When I said I can write an application with my eyes closed I meant I send a lot of applications and my process is honed, quick and efficient because of the 5 application rule and the popularity of the area I am in, so I have never made a mistake with an application.
Anyway its most likely another glitch in the tech and it was my unlucky day!

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It also could be that you got pipped by just a second in hitting the Apply button by another applicant who got the 5th spot, especially where it’s in a desirable location @FelineFriendly.

If the post had 5 applicants it would say reviewing, but in this instance I clicked on the apply button and it said youre busy with another sit, so I couldnt apply at all.
I have in the past already succesfully applied for a different sit with the end and start days on the same day hence my frustration!

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I would suggest you do the test I suggested earlier. At least you will know if this was a one-off incident or if there is a glitch on your account that needs investigating.

I just checked mine, and it seems to be working fine.

Could the time and time zones play a factor here? I know it does for the reviews window.

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If the same listing had dates that conflicted with another sit of yours, the warning was about that. Just click you understand and proceed with the dates you are actually applying to. Every time I see that warning I have mini heart attack. You should not have trouble applying for a date when a sit is ending.