Unable to apply?


I have notifications on for several saved searches

Whenever I get a notification for my saved search of Paris or New York City, even when I click on the notification IMMEDIATELY as it arrives on my phone, the housesit is shown as “reviewing,” and I’m unable to apply. How is this possible? I clicked within seconds of receiving the notification

  1. are notifications coming in at a lag/too late? Can they please work promptly/function…
  2. even if notifications are working properly, why would a housesit be gone in MINUTES or within the hour? I’ve been using TH for years and I used to be able to take time to read all the housesit responsibilities and apply considerately. Now I can’t barely look, and housesit is gone like that? Makes no sense that I can’t apply anymore?

Someone please explain, thank you!

  1. I believe that notifications go out hourly. That means they may have been posted on the website in advance of when you receive notification. If it’s a highly desirable location, as you’ve seen, that can be an issue.

  2. If when you view a listing it shows as currently reviewing applications, it means five applications have already been submitted.

  3. If when you view a listing it shows currently no sitter needed, it’s likely that the listing was posted by an owner who was inviting a previous sitter to return. They then coordinate the timing so that they list, apply, and accept within minutes. It’s a common way to rebook sitters.


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