Unread applications and non responses

Hi @NovaStar I will tag @Therese-Moderator who will pick this up when she is back online.

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If you archive it and then they respond does the message become un-archived automatically?

Bear in mind the THS platform automatically blocks the first and last days of a sit, even though sitters may be available to end or start a sit on these days.

Are you suggesting if a message is read on the App, it is not marked as read?

Hi MissisE
We’ve been sitting for about 4 years and have experienced, and continue to experience, the full range of host behaviour, from not reading, to reading and not responding to reading and responding immediately. It would be nice if TH had a star rating for host response like some other sites. With other sites, if they have a poor rating we just don’t bother to apply. The main thing to remember is that it’s not about you, it’s about the host. Sitters cannot possibly know what’s going on for the host so we tend not to speculate about it. Rather we just accept their lack of response at face value. For us, communication and respect are really important so we wouldn’t take a sit from someone who has been slow to respond but asks us to sit later unless there’s some good reason for the lack of initial response. We certainly don’t wait to make other applications if we see something we like.
Good luck with it all.


Yes @NigelF. It’s a glitch that needs to be fixed.

Yes. but unlike @mars i don’t consider it a glitch. I consider it a feature and I certainly wouldn’t want it changed. I can archive it and get it out of my box until/unless i hear from them again. and if i don’t, it’s gone forever. rather than keeping a bunch of stuff lingering in my inbox just in case they respond.

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The bottom line is that we are dealing with the public, and hence should expect a whole variety of responses. Whilst we may not agree to them all it is what it is and so we have to learn to accept that some people will respond quickly, others late , and some not at all.

The home hosts will have listed to find a sitter so presumably one sitter will be accepted every time. If it is not you then graciously move on to the next opportunity and definitely don’t let the rejection spoil your day


Like @CreatureCuddler, I see this more as a feature than a bug. If they didn’t reappear in your inbox then you would never know they had responded. Suppose you archive a chat after a sit and the homeowner wants to reach out and ask if you could do another sit - wouldn’t you want that to be in your inbox?

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I agree with you! This is a great feature. I’ve copied you and started archiving as soon as applied so that I won’t have to keep scrolling past it if they don’t bother to respond! Thanks for the tip!


Is there anyway THS management can encourage a quick response from the house owners, even if negative, to their applications?
We are on our 14th house sit and 3 times the chosen home owner has not bothered to reply in any way. Annoying and time wasting.

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sadly you can’t really do anything to make people be considerate. Apply and move on. It’s really the only option.


Hi @TheFicks there are regular motivational reminders sent to all members. Responding to messages in a timely way leads to success for both owners and sitters …

Hi @NovaStar … To confirm that when a message is sent it is instant. When a homeowner reads it, the unread immediately changes to read. @mars I have asked our tech team to look into the sync’ing of the read messages from the App to the Website inbox.
I can understand the frustration of planning, when your messages go unread, and as @Angela-HeadOfCommunity mentions, we constantly encourage our members, to read and respond to all messages.


Some HOs are listing but not ready to start going through applications. I’ve had a reply that the HO was out if town and would start going through them when they return. I withdrew one application because it was unrend for a week and they replied that they had been away. For me I cancel my app and move on if the timeframe for replies doesn’t work for me depending on the listing. When I cancel I only mention that it was because there seemed to be no interest . Sometimes I mention I’ve accepted another invite if that’s the case. I’ve been creating labels too for unread, no reply,…etc
As a sitter I always reply in what most people would consider timely.

Yes I’ve found that I’ve connected with several HOs that feel the way I do about replying to messages :slightly_smiling_face:

Could this be the reason you never heard from your presumptive host again?

One of the pet owners complains on Trustpilot:
“Also, the way messages are laid out in our Inboxes is confusing. I often have a hard time knowing WHICH sitters/message chains in my Inbox have a NEW message for me to read!”

I thought about this yesterday: if there is a HO on here reading this thread, I would LOVE to know HOW responses to your ads appear to you. Do you get an email prompt? What does that email say? How are responses stacked? If I am between 0 to 3 in applications, do you see my application before the 20 who applied after me? Does the fact that I send a polite ‘chaser’ after 10 days appear as a new application or is it instantly and clearly linked to my application as applicant number 1, 2 or 3?


Hi @LTD as a sitter and now a new HO I just listed my sit. I got 19 applications in 24 hours and received an auto emai from THS notifying me that I had a new application from (insert name) for every applicant. The applications appear in my THS inbox in the order they came in with the first/oldest application at the BOTTOM of the inbox list. The later ones are then stacked on top of that, much like emails are done with the most recent messages at the top. In fairness to the applicants, I went back to my email inbox which shows the date & time the application came in and I answered them in that order. You will be pleased to know the firstmapplicant was invited but that was only because I took the time to manually check the order the applications came in. But if I just relied on the THS inbox and went top to bottom I would be reading the most recent applications first not the the first application first. If the first applicant had sent me another message then their message would go to the top of THS inbox list. All subsequent messages from the applicant are linked to their application as a message thread not a new application. Hope this answers your query.


ThanK you. That’s v v interesting, and actually, sort of what I thought was happening. That’s bizarre. IMO, I think HOS are very stressed and anxious when posting to leave their house, home, and pets in the hands of a mere stranger, so for them to scroll to the BOTTOM of a list is just not going to happen!