Unread applications and non responses

Our success rate has been quite high in that we filled ten weeks of sits within a couple of weeks … we ended up canceling a lot of applications where owners had not responded and unfortunately had to decline a few offers to sit where conflicts arose. So far we’ve been really impressed with THS.

I think my applications are fine. Respectful and courteous. I constantly work on them. There is just too much competition in the sits I want, and maybe my personal attributes do not match up to the other candidate (e.g. not a local sitter, not speaking the native language). I acknowledge that it’s not my fault. I had some bad luck too. Anyway just yesterday I finally secured a sit. The stress was finally gone.


I’m always surprised HO don’t send any message (individual or group) as when we decline somebody THS sends owners amessage giving them this choice , so there is no reason to keep silent and unpolited


But even if owners are prompted to send a nicer message, sitters have already received the automated blunt one, yes? After a decade on THS I am used to this, but for years I received 6 or more THS ones for a single sit. My screen was filled with Sorry you were unsuccessful…

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I have a 4 weeks sit on the 21/7 I’ve had a bit of interest. But each time I’ve replied no one has then replied to my message.
Is it just me ? Why bother applying if then you don’t reply :woman_facepalming:t4:

Hi @angsay - How often is this happening to you?

If it happened once that is plausible but if it is happening many times it seems really unusual and I wonder if your reply to them is worded that they think you are not interested.

When we apply for sits we normally get one of four responses from the home hosts.

1- “Thank you but no thank you”. - In this case we respond to thank them for letting us know and to wish them well. I can see it possible that some sitters would not reply to this response
2 - “Thank you, we have had a lot of interest and so are thinking about it and will get back to you.” - In this case we respond to thank them for letting us know and to say that we await their decision, If we hear nothing more we do not respond again presuming they made a decision and did not let us know - I can also see it possible that some sitters would not reply to this initial response but instead, just wait as requested.
3 - Thank you, your application sounds very interesting could we have a video call to discuss further - In this case we respond immediately and arrange the video call ASAP - I presume all other sitters would do the same in this instance.
4 - “Thank you - , we loved your application and would love to have you stay!” - In this case we respond immediately asking if we can arrange a video call with the home host before committing. Again, I presume all other sitters would do the same in this instance.


It’s happened a couple of times.

Both sitters live abroad. I thanked them for their application and asked if they are in the UK or if they will be travelling to the UK. Then I’ve had no reply.

It’s no big deal just wondered why they would
Apply to then not respond to me.


Same here. It’s disappointing. I am new, and only applying to sits that I’m a good match for based on the description. I point out that I’m local, flexible, and happy to meet in advance if necessary. I don’t have any problem with not being judged the best match for a sit, but I’d appreciate a brief note to let me know if that’s the case.

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Hello @bethyama and @angsay,
Thank you for your feedback and welcome to the Forum! As both a homeowner and pet sitter I understand the frustration of not receiving timely (or any) communication from applicants. No doubt Miss Manners would have something to say about it :upside_down_face:

I think @Colin 's explanation is most appealing - giving several options with some flexibility.

I did notice that you could both add your profile in your Forum listing which helps provide more details about you in a seamless manner. If interested here’s how: How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

I hope you find compatible connections in the months ahead. We look forward to seeing where you go!
Karen S and the Forum Team

We found my grandmother sitting in floods of tears surrounded by sympathy cards after my grandfather’s death, attempting to reply to each one. I never expect a reply to them: the bereaved have enough to cope with without adding the extra stress of reliving their loss by writing thank you letters.

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After 6 years of house-sitting, I’ve only encountered this recently. I had on owner who said she’d love me to sit, but didn’t confirm. After a couple of “nudges” from me I eventually got a reply saying she’d confirmed someone else. I’m still waiting to hear from another HO who also said she’d love me to sit, but hasn’t confirmed, the listing is still open, so I’ve asked for a confirmation, but still no reply. I’ve been waiting almost a month. I don’t usually like applying for multiple sits, but in waiting for replies from these two, I’ve lost out on other possibilities. What to do?

@gardengirl wow, your patience must be your virtue :laughing: I would never wait this long. I might give them 2-3 days, depending on how much you want the sit, but then call it a day and move on. We heavily believe we are exactly where we should be…meaning, if we don’t get a sit (quickly, easily), then it’s not meant to be. Move on to better ones.

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@gardengirl Perhaps you can now appreciate the logic of why many sitters will submit multiple applications. Some applications will overlap on dates. We as sitters cannot control the return time from owners, but we do control our own schedules and calendars. As I see it, you didn’t lose out on other possibilities but rather you chose to wait on those you had submitted. Provided you update owners if you accept a sit that overlaps on their dates, you are being courteous to them and maximizing your potential to get sits.


Perhaps I didn’t make it clear, that these HOs said they would LOVE me to sit for them, but just didn’t confirm. I’ve never experienced this before. Usually, a sit is confirmed immediately we both agree. It is in my nature to assume that people mean what they say. I’ll be less trusting in future.

This is a tough one, I haven’t come across this. How hard can it be to click on the ‘confirm sitter’ button to make it official? I think it’s careless or even rude of those HO’s to string you along but don’t commit.


I agree, Had someone recently who didn’t hit the button despite being interested and waited until the day of first day the sit to answer my questions and press it

Hello Sitters,
Does anyone else find it a bit rude when Home owners/ pet parents read your applications shortly after you submit them and don’t bother to respond. Or am I being too sensitive? A simple “thank you but we’ve found someone” or “we have quite a few applications but will contact you if necessary” would be nice. I could understand if they’re overwhelmed with a bunch of applications but I never apply to any dates that have more than 4 applicants… Only once in while DO I ever get a “Thanks for applying” Lol Is this the norm? Do You guys just leave your applications hanging in the wind after being Blanked? I take such time to personalize my applications a response would be appreciated :rofl:

@Akila-Kiki This theme has come up often & you are not alone! As fellow sitters when we see our (carefully written) application has been read we appreciate receving a timely response- whatever that might be. The longer it goes unresponded to the less interest we have. Now that HOs are restricted to 5 applicants at a time there really is no excuse not to respond quickly as they are not being overwhelmed with applicants as often used to happen with popular sits. Some people, however, are just lazy or rude, or waiting for a better applicant…who knows.
Our approach these days is not to hang on waiting for a response- just keep applying elsewhere and follow up with those who show interest. If our dates are not filled I’ll leave the (unresponded to) application on the back burner till its not longer needed- then cancel it. If the application is simply not read- for days on end- i will still leave it on the back burner whilst continuing my search as sometimes hosts are away and simply not monitoring their listing properly. Sometimes we get an apologetic response days later, but sometimes by then the HO is too late and we’ve been snapped up elsewhere!
Just don’t take any of it personally. Go with the flow- the responses that flow easily will likely lead to a more successful sit anyway with good contact between sitter & host.

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Hi @Akila-Kiki,
I’ve merged your post and @Lokstars reply here in this thread as it will be able to help you and other members with the same experience easily locate all information on this subject.

Yes totally agree. Consider it like a job interview send in an application and let it go. Plan your time according to people who get back to you not those you have applied for. Some people just dont answer and others find their neighbours best friends cousin who can do it instead. he he

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