Unread applications and non responses

Hello @JessW and welcome back to the Community Forum and it’s great to hear that you are now sitters! :slightly_smiling_face:

I am sorry to hear that you have no yet received any responses to your applications as yet but I have attached another thread you might like to also take a look at.

Yes, true @MsCindy, it’s kind of rude.

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HI @JessW I have checked your account and for some reason your home listing is not accessible, I have forwarded to the Membership Services Team to investigate. The link you have uploaded doesn’t connect to your listing either. I have added your sitter profile to your Forum profile and you can add your home listing once the problem is resolved.

Hi JessW,
I’ve only been housesitting since September, but I have found it to be pretty common for applications to go unread or to be read with no response for days/weeks. I used to just withdraw my applications after a week or so, but lately I’ve just been leaving them to see how long they sit there unread.

Hi Jess
I’ve basically had the following results from application I have made recently (last 6 months):
Application goes unread until you get the automated rejection when they confirm a sitter - most of my applications are like this
Application is read or unread and about 10 days later I suddenly get a message wanting to talk. I have had a few like this including one that was in less than 20 days when applying and when they made contact was a week away. Had to say no as travel cost by that point were ridiculous.
There seems, for me at least, to have been a big increase in unread applications or just no contact. I find this strange as I would have expected the opposite to now be the case where owner would have made contact or rejected or at least read the application fairly soon but that’s what I’ve been experiencing.

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That’s great, thanks for that. Will have a look at it.

Thank you for your reply. It is very comforting to know it is not just me, despite the frustration. There should be a way to report those who do not respond as it is a waste of everyone’s time having to hang around waiting!

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Thank you, I am glad it’s not just me. It is very frustrating to keep people waiting, but I guess it is what it is. What has your response been like leaving them unread? Do you get anywhere with these applications?

Thanks for looking at this Angela. Could it be because the profile linked is my old one used as a home owner whereas we are now looking at sitting? I will update the listing.

Hello, @JessW Angela is currently offline so happy to help. Yes, it looks like your current membership is as a sitter only. If you would like to use or post your listing then you can upgrade to a combined member. If you do not need that at the moment then your sitter’s profile is showing here fine :slight_smile:

Recently applied for a sit which was about 4 weeks coming. This place was on an island so unless you live, required flights to be booked.
I sent in my application as per usual and waited…and waited…and waited…to the point where it was getting too close and I was just about to remove my application and received a «declined» notice with NO communication whatsoever from the HO.
I will certainly put something in my future applications that this requires me to travel so I expect timely communication with the HO.
Your thoughts?

@Damselfly Where we haven’t heard within a couple of days we usually send a short message along the lines of “ if there is anything else you would like to know about us before making a decision, we’re available for a phone call/ video chat .

This has usually prompted some sort of response from HO . In one case HO apologised for the delay and we did have a video call with them -they picked us . We had a great stay and they have booked us up for a further 2 more stays this year.

Hello fellow newbie.
Good question. Im finding the same except mine have been read. I understand they may be waiting for more but a simple ‘thanks, will get back to you’ would be so welcome. Also finding when i decline invites with a message explaining why, i dont get a response. I think communication is key regardless of the outcome :hugs:

Im beginning to feel the same and have applied for another sit where the HO responded instantly and weve set up a call. Straight away there is a connection :blush:

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I absolutely agree. It’s not like HO has zillions of applicants to respond to. In this case, there was only 2 applicants indicated as having applied. Regardless, i un-favorited them. No time for inconsiderate people. To me communication is key with housesitting so if HO will not communicate, I do not wish to sit for them.

Yes I always offer to have a videochat with every HO and that is from my first reach out. In this case, I just felt this HO to be inconsiderate by not reaching out, only 2 applied for this sit (from the listing note). I have removed the sit from my favorites. I do not want to sit for someone who does not consider housesitter’s necessity to organize oneself prior to going to sit.