Unread sit applications

A 5th option could be that they’ve got someone they know to do the sit and haven’t bothered to remove the listing. I’ve experienced that


Whatever the reason(s), I suggest just moving on from unresponsive or slow HOs unless there’s a sit that’s incomparable, because there are so many sits.

I applied for a sit abroad. A couple of days later, canceled my application, because it hadn’t been read.

Weeks later, owner msgs and says they’ve > just < had a chance to review applications and wonder whether I’m still available?

Note: Last-minute airfare for even the most inconvenient flights (including multiple stops) would run into the thousands, in USD.

LOL, for the same price, I could have zero sitting responsibilities by buying airfare and hotel on my own with a bit of planning, and go during much nicer weather.

The HO had asked for someone familiar with their city, which I very much am. Plus, I speak the language fluently, which I’d also mentioned in my application.

SMH. Happily, I’m now on a sit for HOs who are decisive and thoughtful. And it turns out, they’re a lovely pair of humans, with a charming cat. Plus, the location is tough to beat.

Sometimes, things just work out for the better when they’re not forced or a needless challenge. With THS sits, I always think: These are supposed to be rewarding experiences, so why would I volunteer to saddle myself with anyone’s indecision, lack of consideration or otherwise (even if they have legit problems that slow their replying or choosing). And even having joined THS only in February, I’ve had enough great sits and HOs that I know they’re out there.

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Wow. It’s like they never even considered that there might be actual human beings applying for their sit–human beings who need to make important decisions and whose time matters. :roll_eyes:


Actually to be accurate, THS does inform the host that their applications are now paused when the 5 limit is reached. I’ve just had an email informing me of that very fact! It also says how to get more applications if none are suitable.

I have to say there are also, I assume, the majority of hosts who review their applicants quickly, contact everyone and come to a quick mutual decision and then inform all applicants of what that decision has been. At least I hope so!

Ok, but on the web site is not very clear it seems when I see questions like this Why do I have reviewing by my live listing?

It is on “reviewing” but the HO does not really know who is doing the reviewing. Is it THS?

THS needs to do some work on this. It cannot be that difficult.


To be fair it seems clear enough from the host point of view. I’ve just posted dates and accepted a sitter and this is from the email I had once the 5 applicant limit was reached.

I’ve cut and pasted from the email I had just two days ago (cut and pasted because there are photos of the sitters etc on the email to me)

Good news!
You have 5 sitters hoping to sit for you.
16t - 2

We’ve now paused your applications to give you a chance to review your first 5 sitters.
Here’s what you need to do… :point_down:

[Review my applications]

Review your sitters.
There are 5 keen bean sitters waiting in your inbox right now - don’t leave them hanging. [Head to your inbox] now to review your applications and get the conversations started.

:paw_prints: Think you’ve found ‘the one’? :heart:
Once you’ve found the perfect sitter (one your furry pal’s sure to love), confirm them via your inbox by clicking the ‘confirm sitter’ button.

:paw_prints: No one ticking your boxes?
No bother. If these sitters aren’t quite right, simply pop them a quick message to say ‘thanks’, and [decline them]( via your inbox. Then, [unpause your dates](https://click.emails.trustedhousesitters.com
to receive more new applications.


Maybe THS should consider that not all members have English as their first language.

It took me some time to understand this.

Maybe so, but at least there is an explanation directly below which pretty much tells you what it is!

There seems to be a new breed of HO’s now with the 5 applicant rule…the fisher! They decline the first 5 automatically without message…and the same again for the next 5…and possibly the next 5…but after not finding the ‘perfect’ sitter and declining you they reach out to ask if you’re still interested in sitting!
Sorry that leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I’m not sitting for you.

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Or even British English. Americans don’t say this.

What makes you think people are doing this?

I sit full-time in the Northeastern US, mostly, and sometimes there just isn’t anything else. I have applied to all three sits available in my area, and not one has read my application.

I think THS should add an automation that reminds a HO to read and respond to an application after, say, 2-3 days. (I tried to put this into the features suggestions thread, but it appears to be closed now.)

Yes, for sure! I’ve been sitting on here for 8 years, 7 of those almost full-time, and normally, people respond in a timely fashion, thank goodness! If they didn’t, I surely wouldn’t have lasted so long on here. I only sought out a post on this topic because I suddenly have 3 Unreads for a gap in my schedule I really need to fill, and frankly, I’m nonplussed. It’s shocking to me that not one, but 3 HO’s would not even read their applications, much less respond.

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Thank you for sharing this! It’s really interesting and helpful to me as a sitter to see the HO end of things. I am happy to know THS sends these automations to HO’s. I think there are always going to be people who don’t read their emails, and what can you do?

“Keen bean sitters” :joy:

I guessed that this was an allusion to Roald Dahl and the “human beans”, but I am not completely sure.

Because it’s happened to me 3 times recently.

I don’t know whether you’ve tried — if you want to stay local — what others have mentioned about Facebook sitting groups for certain locations. Personally, I haven’t, because sitting is only a nice-to-have for me. I don’t care to work that hard at it.

I’m based in the U.S. Northeast as well. I’ve been getting unsolicited THS sit offers there, but nothing has matched yet.