Updating email address

I have searched the forum topics and cannot find this info. I am trying to change my email address, but when I put it in and say to update, it does nothing. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @long1016 Are you try to change your email address on the Forum or THS account?

Hello @long1016 and as @BunnyCat mentions, this will depend on whether you are referring to the forum or the main website, as the emails can be different and are managed separately.

I’ll tag @Lucy-Moderator so that she can help you when she comes online later today if it is the main site you are referring to.

If it’s the forum, this is managed under Account in your Preferences. If this is where you are trying, DM me and I’ll try to help. All the best, Vanessa


It is on the main site

You should be able to change it here:

I think when you delete your old address, enter your new one and hit update, if it turns blue, that’s it done. There is no confirmation.

If you then come out of that screen and then go back in again, your new email should still be there.

I have tried all that and to no avail.

Hi @long1016 I assume you have tried this in your account settings … @Vanessa-Admin has tagged Lucy I will tag @Therese-Moderator who will pick up when she is back online.

Yes, I have tried by entering the new password, then hitting the update button and also by hitting the update button first, then trying to add the new email. As soon as I tap the update button, it goes light blue. It is regular blue when it shows up on the scrren.

Have Direct Messaged you …