Trouble seeing daily email

First my daily saved emails would not open, now they open, but I can’t scroll past the first 2 sit? Is anyone else having trouble.,I sent 2 help messages and it finally cleared itself before the help people finally answered. Now for 2 days I can’t scroll past the first 2 sits? All this started when all the new choices for us, Europe, etc showed up…. Is everyone messed up, or just me??

Hello @Sittersue

I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble opening your emails. Have you changed your device or browser? As you mentioned that you have been in correspondence with the Membership Services Team, they are often the best placed team to look into this for you. I can also pass your message on and ask the team to get in contact with you to help rectify the issue.

No, I haven’t changed anything…all problems started with the “ new” line on the emails of different countries…am I the only one with a problem?

This has been like 5-7 days of problems…we are on our 41st sit, so we sit a lot and I’d like to not have problems…just checking to see if it’s the site or “my problem”. However, first problem of not opening, cleared after 3-5 day, before support answered.

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Thank you for the update and I can completely appreciate that this is a feature that you use a lot, so I hope the Membership Services Team can get it rectified shortly. It does’t seem to be a general issue with emails so maybe something specific to your device, an update, your email provider etc. The team would need to investigate. If you have the original email of the agent you were corresponding with, and if you reply directly to that email they can reopen the case. Otherwise someone from the team will be in touch. I hope it gets sorted for you soon.
Best wishes Carla.

I can’t remember when I last had a daily email. Is this because I have saved searches in the app?

@ELNF Yes, for saved searches saved in the App, you get the quicker push notifications. You get emails if you save the search to the website rather than the app.

Thanks Carla! Yes, I look at this multiple times a day, since the five rule came into affect. It pretty well takes over your life, which is quite ridiculous!

Today I can scroll! Yayyyy! Thanks for the fix!

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Pleased it is sorted for you :slight_smile: