Why can't I contact Trusted Housesitters any more

They never answer the phone anymore and chat doesnt work

I am reconsidering renewing my membership as it doesnt seem to be worth the money


Hi Jan,

Thank you for your message on our Facebook DM and I’m glad you have come to the Forum, welcome. Please DM to me, your registered account details, email address I would like to double check the email address as the one on the FB DM isn’t registering on our data base.

We are sorry that you have been unable to connect with our Membership Services Team, we are experiencing a very high number of incoming messages and since the pandemic operating with a much smaller team over reduced hours at the moment and currently recruiting to bring the team back to pre-pandemic strength.

Once again we apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you, a valued member of our community.

Thank you

Angela and the Team

I have done so and received a reply that you can’t find our email address. We have been members since 2016 and I do hope you can locate us

Hi Jan, Thank you I have found your account, it wasn’t your error but a glitch in the system.

Yay thank you so much Angela for your reply yes all happy now and we have discovered the forum now.

All the best