Using one account for simultaneous sits?

Hello, my husband and I want to do simultaneous sits–he in one place and I in another. It appears that you cannot sign up for overlapping sits, though. Is there any way around this? We have already “secured” the sits and just want to have the insurance coverage and the “official stamp of approval” on both of our sits. I have sent a query to THS (last Saturday) and they have not replied yet. Thanks for any help, Julie

Are you a new member?

There is a brand new rule that Sitters cannot accept Sits with overlapping dates.

In your situation, it would be advisable to get two accounts. One would be in your name, and one would be in your husband’s name, but both accounts can say “traveling with a partner,” namely, each other.

When you apply to Sits, state if you plan to be alone, or with your partner. It might make a difference to the Owners.


A bit confusing to address this based on @PVGemini’s post on over lapping sit limitation. :thinking:

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We’ve sat for the people before, and they gave us the sit even before they posted it.

You might want to read the fine print on the insurance and see if that is something that is truly important to you. We do lots of repeat Sits off the THS site. Never any issues, and since you cannot have “official” overlapping Sits, your situation is one of the workarounds.

Ok @JPH … but… are the two sits confimed thru the THS platform?

With the overlapping sit limitation, only the official sit confirmed through the THS site can be covered by the insurance; the other one cannot @JPH.

That would be impossible! You cannot have overlapping dates. Sounds like one or both Sits are repeat Sits and the Owner contacted them directly via text or email, rather than “officially” through the THS messaging system.

Yet another reason to alway, always, everyone—get the phone number and email address of the Owner and make sure they have your number and email address.