Using QR Codes

We travel constantly and are often asked how we do it. I always mention THS. The next question is how to sign up. In the past I would share my contact information… A little cumbersome. I now have a QR code the interested party can scan immediately which takes them to the THS website and my affiliate page.
It is easy to create a QR code and it is free on many sights.
Hope you find this useful.



Hi @KeithD
That is very interesting and would be useful to me. Please advise how to go about it.
Thanks in advance


There are a number of free QR code generators online (google can highlight them). Also, you can create a LinkedIn profile and generate a QR code off that, if you like.

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We do the same. Works great.

Just be sure that you use a QR code generator where the QR code doesn’t expire. Some of the free ones only work for a week or two.

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I created a QR code as a photo in my smart watch, so it’s always handy (wristy? :laughing:)

You can color code them, too.
I have a green one for my public contact info, a red one for my private contact info, and the blue one is for TH.

Once it’s done, I find it much easier than carrying around business cards!

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You created each of those using what app? Thanks.

forgive the naiive question, but which page is my ‘affiliate page’ on THS? I mean, I see my ‘profile preview’, but what is the actual link that I would use for potential HOs to go directly to my sitter page?
Is it the same ‘refer a friend’ link?

@Rhe For a sitter, there are two ways. You can find the url on your dashboard page, scroll down to “My sitter profile” and copy the link under “Preview”.

Or you can search for yourself on the page with sitters in your own town.

It is not your fault that you could not find it, it is poor design by THS of the user interface. And it is a disgrace that they don’t fix it.