Using QR Codes

We travel constantly and are often asked how we do it. I always mention THS. The next question is how to sign up. In the past I would share my contact information… A little cumbersome. I now have a QR code the interested party can scan immediately which takes them to the THS website and my affiliate page.
It is easy to create a QR code and it is free on many sights.
Hope you find this useful.


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Hi @KeithD
That is very interesting and would be useful to me. Please advise how to go about it.
Thanks in advance

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There are a number of free QR code generators online (google can highlight them). Also, you can create a LinkedIn profile and generate a QR code off that, if you like.

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We do the same. Works great.

Just be sure that you use a QR code generator where the QR code doesn’t expire. Some of the free ones only work for a week or two.

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I created a QR code as a photo in my smart watch, so it’s always handy (wristy? :laughing:)

You can color code them, too.
I have a green one for my public contact info, a red one for my private contact info, and the blue one is for TH.

Once it’s done, I find it much easier than carrying around business cards!