Very sad, but very uplifting story

Just wanted to share this story that was posted today via a Facebook page I joined (12tomatoes)

A dog named Louis, a three-year-old lab and shepherd mix, was taken to the Helen Woodward Animal Center. He had been given up by his former owners and it was for an unbelievable reason.

Louis had developed an eye infection when he was living with his former owners. The dog’s owners decided to have his eyes removed in December rather than paying for the treatment of an infection.

After the dog came home and tried to get used to his life without eyes, they decided they would drop him at a shelter. Louis was not only blind for the first time in his life, but he was also nervous about being around strange places and missed his former family. They also found that he had some untreated injuries, probably from being struck by a car…

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Owners Have Dog’s Eyes Removed Rather Than Treat Infection, Dump Him At Shelter Afterwards

He’s finally getting a chance to have a life with a loving family.

Jan 12th, 2021

:broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart: sadness for this pup

Irresponsible hooman :rage:

Im also very shocked that any reputable vet would carry out such a procedure.

This story made me cry but glad it had a happy ending!


This is truly the saddest story I have ever read. :sob: but so wonderful that he found Woodward Animal Centre to help him find his forever home.

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@Gina Hi we completely understand your reaction but we don’t know the full details of this story …

If this poor dog’s eyes had suffered reoccurring infections which the owners had neglected to treat, then surgery may have been the only option to prevent further pain and suffering.

I rescued a Welsh Mountain pony who lost her sight because of an infection that went untreated. We managed to save one eye however the sight in her remaining eye is greatly impaired, all of this could have been prevented had she received the treatment she needed and deserved, from the very beginning … Her condition was completely treatable.

But here’s the good news she is amazing and has fully adapted to her lack of vision she gallops around her field and goes in and out of her shelter as if she had perfect vision, sometimes leading us to “hold our breath” but she manages to miss everything and “land” safely.

When going for a walk on a lead rein she will tilt her head to use her “good” eye and she has a sighted best pal who she follows around if the light is failing and whenever she needs a little helping hoof, it’s a joy to see them together.

Animals are incredibly resilient and with help from from those who care, like Helen Woodward and shelters everywhere, even the seemingly hopeless ones can go on to live their best lives, just as they deserve.

Our very own Team Member @Julie-Moderator can speak better to this as she volunteers with The Animal Pad, also in San Diego and another shelter we are proud to partner with, they will accept many of the animals that other shelters can’t, some with serious injuries and life threatening health conditions

What stories like this emphasis are the responsibilities connected with having animals as part of the family and the need for pet adoption and foster carers to help rescue centres give animals a second chance.

Thank you for sharing Lois’s story @Debbie-Moderator, Trustedhousesitters are very proud to be pawtnered with the Helen Woodward Animal Centre


Thank you Angela, yes indeed we dont kniw the full details!!
The story if youre pony is lovely too.
And a big :+1:to all the animal sanctuary workers out there doing such a great job.


Yes @Angela-HeadOfCommunity it has been a very rewarding experience volunteering with The Animal Pad dog rescue. We have helped many dogs on the brink of death fully recover and live their best life. Not only do we get to see the dog’s life change, but we also get to see the PAWsitive impact they make on their adopters life!

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Oh my gosh this breaks my heart. I’m so glad he’s with a loving family now!

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