Viewing a members information in forum profile

When I click on a forum member I get the first two lines of whatever they have written about themselves, but can’t seem to work out how to access the rest.
Then lots of badges that I don’t think I could care less about.
Anyone any ideas?


@JackieX Click a second time and you should see more information and a more detailed profile… But only if the member has chosen to share it in their settings :slight_smile:

Even yours I only get two lines then … Clicking again just gives me the dictionary definition of whatever word happened to be under my finger.
On yours I do have the option of a little world symbol

Don’t you get the link to Vanessa’s THS profile? I clicked on it and got right in.

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Are you clicking on the name again? So for instance, I click here on your name “JackieX” and it takes me to a popup box.

Then I click on your name again “Jackie X” and get your full profile information.

Brilliant, thank you

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Hi Vanessa. I’m puzzled by how some forum members add a header photo to their forum profile. Please help me with that. Thanks.

I am not Vanessa, but I can answer this question, @Snowbird
On the website you click on your picture on the right, then preferences
On the left you see Profile, click it

Scroll down
Then you have options for header pictures


Thank you so much. I hadn’t been on that final section for a while, and don’t remember those options when I set mine up, or just didn’t notice them.