Visiting Belize for 2 months

Hello, my wife and I are visiting Belize for two months. We arrived about a week ago and would love to connect with any TH folks who are here!


@worldjason Thank you for starting a meetup and wow Belize! Have an amazing time :smiling_face:

Belize is a beautiful country! We visited for two weeks in 2016 and it was Un-Balize-able! haha had to. Will you be on one of the Cayes? or on the mainland? a mixture of the two? The diving is incredible too if either of you are divers or snorklers? I’m sure much has changed since our visit as it was a lot more undiscovered and we came after a hurricane so their were hardly any other tourists.

We’re staying in north Belize City, and traveling from here. I wish THS had more sits in central America. Seems not to be very popular here.

Yep we are going to snorkel and scuba both!


Fantastic! and maybe you can spread the word as you go along that’s really the best way for others to join THS is to learn about it first hand from someone that has experience in how it works and why it works.

Hi @worldjason, my husband and I loved Belize!

I highly recommend that you visit the Belize zoo, if I recall correctly it is a 45 minute drive from Belize city. In reality it is more an animal sanctuary than a zoo, The enclosures are in a jungle setting, and the zoo welcomes veterinarians from other countries to do their practicum there.

And if you have even more time and you like Mayan ruins, I recommend St Ignacio, but you’ll need to be able to be away for at least one night.

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I want to do solo travel and have been advised not to. Pls tell me how you feel?

Hello @Grandma
do you mean solo travel in general or in Belize specifically?

I am a solo traveler. But Belize specifically not recommended.

I am a single mom of 6 kids living in Belize on my own and it’s safe for us. But it depends where you are. If you’re in a tourist area like the Cayes, Placencia, Hopkins or a resort your fine or if you are near a Mennonite community your fine. We live near the largest Mennonite community in Belize called Spanish Lookout. It’s like America in Belize. I love Belize but it’s nice to travel using this app.

We’re going in April 2024 for 6 weeks. Any suggestions for long term rental? Looking at Ambergris Caye and San Ignacio.