Votes limit

We noticed that we are no longer able to vote on forum ideas. What is the current limit of votes and how do we get more votes?


@Angela-CommunityManager or @Vanessa-Admin could we possibly increase the vote limit to 10? I think currently the limit is only 5 or 6.

I don’t understand why there is a limit. I noticed this also.

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Hi @BunnyCat I will look into this … it may well be a Discourse limitation.

Hi @BunnyCat it is as I thought and confirmed by @Snowbird, it is a limit of the platform’s functionality.

I am a member of another Discourse forum and votes are configurable on the back end. The default is 10, but I think here it is only 5.

Hi @BunnyCat and you are correct about the default of 10 votes. However voting is a plug-in option that is also linked to Discourse trust levels which are in place to keep our public forum safe for everyone. There are SO many different settings within Discourse that all have a bearing on other parts of the forum, so all have to be taken into consideration. We’ve looked at the levels this morning, and have set the number of votes so that the 10 are attained more quickly on the trust level parameters. All the best, Vanessa and the team