Waiting Approval to get messages published

Hi, I am new on the forum and I am very happy that it exists so we, as THS members, can exange on different interesting subjects.

I’ve read the forum guidelines and I can’t see anywhere that we can not post freely and right away a message. Plus we still have the possibility to flag any message that’s inappropriated. However I haven’t been able to post any message without waiting, sometimes for hours, for it to be approved which makes it quite laborious to participate in a conversation.

So I wanted to know if every message have to be validated by a moderator prior posting for all members or is it just a new rule for new members of this forum?


@Alohana thank you for your message. The forum system does sometimes not approve messages first time, so we do need to approve these manually. We do try to do this as timeously as possible. We have been slightly short staffed in the last few days but we hope everything will be back to normal by next week. We do apologize for any frustration caused.
Kind regards


Hi @Alohana new members go through trust levels. You can read more about it here

Once your trust level goes up your posts will automatically be posted without an approval.

Hi @Alohana as @Therese-Moderator says any posts held for moderation get attended to as quickly as possible however on occasions there are very legitimate reasons for this to take longer in which case the member of the post being held will receive a Direct Message from Admin or directly from the Membership Services Team.