Walking/hiking apps

Which apps do you use to find the hikes in a new area?
Komoot works well in the UK and Europe but struggles in the US. All trails is good but expensive. What do you use?

I use AllTrails very often. While I use the Pro version and find it to be a good value, I also thought the free version was pretty decent
… I used it for quite a while before going to the paid level.

Here is a link to what the free version offers: “What is included in an AllTrails free membership? – AllTrails Help

Happy hiking!

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I use the OS app and wouldn’t be without it. It costs about £25 a year and it’s well worth the money. There’s a Go Outdoors app but I haven’t used it.

There’s also Hiking Project that’s useful within the US. I’m not sure if it’s useful elsewhere. The app is free. Although All Trails is the “big gorilla in the room” for hiking in the US, Hiking Project has yielded different/more compelling results often enough that we typically consult both.

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@ElsieDownie we also use Komoot and have found this particularly good whilst in Europe.

Yes it’s great for Europe and the UK but not much good in US and Canada

Just tried it. No good for the area we are in but will try it again when we are back in US.

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OS is great for the UK.

Thank you.

@ElsieDownie yes that’s true :confused:

Yes it is, but you didn’t ask for apps outside the UK. Actually it now has Australia & New Zealand, although not currently as good as the UK maps

We will give a vote for Alltrails too which we use extensively … used the free version initially then paid the £25 for the year, for the past two because we use it so much and Ian loves to upload new trails when we spend extended time in new areas. We tried a couple of other free ones but always come back to this.

Vanessa, what countries does All Trails cover please?

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@Smiley We’ve used in Mexico, UK, Australia, Europe but this pages shows the full list I think…


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Thanks! That will be very helpful for forthcoming travels :pray: