Warm or cold countries?

Which do you prefer?
I’m mostly drawn to colder countries.
I moved to Ireland from Germany, and love travelling around there. When I go abroad, it’s often further north like Scandinavia, or I stay close by in the UK or Europe (but not too far south unless it’s the colder time of year).
If it’s too hot, I feel unwell.


We sit in in North of England and Spain as we have family in both, so the weather isn’t the reason we sit where we do, it’s family. It’s cold and rainy in the North of England but we love our sitting life, and our son and his family live in Spain, where we also sit in between staying with them, so it’s great that we get the best of both worlds weather wise. But the weather isn’t the decider of where we sit, family does.

I know what you mean about being too hot though, we avoid Spain in the hot hot months.

After having lived in Northern Ireland for 7 years, I had more than enough of ‘living in the clouds’. :grinning: I don’t need it to be hot, but I really need blue skies most of the year !

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Hot, hot, hot…and humid ! Yes, I know that I am a freak.

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For me it’s much more about poisonous creatures (Australia) and mosquitos the size of seagulls (Canada)…… etc trying to kill me…:woozy_face:


I’ve been to Australia once and really liked it. Would love to go back if it wasn’t so far and expensive. Hopefully I’ll visit at least once more before I die…
(I was there for 6 weeks and never saw a dangerous creature)

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I look for dog sits in my own county of Cumbria in the north of England, which is often rainy and cold unfortunately.
I will look for cat sits in a certain area of Spain, but only out of the main tourist season due to it being too hot for me in summer. In Australia I will avoid their summer too, again due to the heat.

Either as long as it’s not bucketing down with rain all the time. That’s why we started sitting to get away from the Northern Portugal wet.

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It’s venomous not poisonous and as a 6th generation Aussie, I’ve never known of someone to die of a spider bite in my lifetime (nor my ancestors) and I’ve seen snakes only very rarely, and found the experience to be one of fascination rather than fear. This BS that Australia is dangerous because of its creatures is perpetrated my media propaganda and not literal truth. Bears kill more people than a spider has in Australia.


Us too. Old bones dont do well in cold climates!

It was British humour :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: we love Australia and are planning to move to Perth to be with our son!

We go every year and our son gives us a ‘British parents’ briefing everytime we go there…:crazy_face: it was a humorous comment.