We are all pet lovers but are there any animals you would prefer not to sit and why?

I wonder if there are any animals or specific breeds you would refuse to sit, and why? I think I only have a few:
snakes (I have a definite fear)
large parrots (I have a very healthy respect and know nothing about their care)
Husky type dogs (because, as beautiful and entertaining as they are, they are frankly smarter than humans and I know my place).


Not keen on Bulldogs or Pugs. Definitely wouldn’t sit snakes either

Really any reptile( I’m scared of them). Any birds other than a little parakeet, because I don’t know anything about them. Pot belly pigs…I was reared on a farm, I guess I think all pigs belong outside :).

I do not think i have any animals i wouldn’t sit, but you never know, someone may have something I have not thought of. I am very happy with reptiles, IF they are not live fed and very fond of snakes. I adore rats…
Love all birds and have kept a few. I am in Australia and parrots, snakes etc. are pretty much everywhere so you become very used to them and are regular pets.
I think I would be a little wary of proper livestock guarding breeds and would need wuite a bit of prior introduction as they are VERY wary of strangers.

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Snakes , mostly because of how you feed them.

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Any reptiles except for snakes!!

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Birds would hate them flying about near me.

Horses. You might as well ask me to look after an alien. Just totally out of my comfort zone and experience levels.

Also won’t look after large parrots (cockatoos, macaws, etc). If I wanted to look after a toddler I would’ve stayed in childcare :rofl:

But bring on the snakes!! :snake:


Would love to do snakes, but not keen on feeding live mice to them! :wink: Pitbulls etc. and horses would also be a bit too much for us.

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No reptiles of any description, no ‘pit’ or ‘bull’ type dogs, nor dogs like Doberman or Shar-pei.
No matter how well trained, in the hands of an inexperienced sitter, the poss consequences don’t bear thinking about. Also, I sit WITH my own little Cavalier, and he’d be ‘breakfast’ for some of these breeds.

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That’s so funny. I would take on things with hooves in a heartbeat, but snakes…nope. Pure fear. I have a feeling we’ll never be competing for the same sits :slight_smile:

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I don’t mind reptiles or snakes, and fine with most breeds. But boy, every time I see a springer spaniel, I just think: No, can’t do it! They look way too energetic for me, even more than Jack Russells. And I’ve read a few times on here that they are escape artists. No, don’t want that stress.

Thanks but no thanks!

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I used to work in a zoo, and I would never sit for someone who fed their snakes live mice. That’s considered a dangerous practice by most zoos and vets. Mice and rats fight back, and your snake could end up with bites, scratches, eye damage or worse. Most people feed their snakes and other rodent eating animals (think turtles, frogs, ferrets, ravens) frozen dead mice that are thawed (maybe heated up a bit as a treat!) This also eliminates the need to take care of a large stock of feeder animals.

Also most snakes only need feeding once or twice a month, so depending on the length of the sit you may not ever have to deal with that!

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I’m a cat lover, but hairless cats are a huge turn off. They look like science experiments and I can’t imaging cuddling one :open_mouth:

I also dislike bulldogs, pugs, and wouldn’t love sitting for reptiles.

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