We definitely caught the Africa Virus!

@Vanessa-Admin :white_check_mark: Done :rofl:
No, I am not talking about Covid-19, but the much much older Africa Virus, which makes you want to always come back.
Since we visited South Africa for the first time in 2002, the only longer period of not traveling there, was during the pandemic. Now finally, we were able to fly to Johannesburg and on to Hoedspruit, close to the Kruger National Park.
We rented a house with http://homesofafrica.com/ and a car, so we were very flexible and would definitely do it again.

Here are some pictures of the “pets” we met:


Now that is extraordinary! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous animals you have so beautifully “captured”.


Thank you for sharing!! It always makes me happy to see animals in their natural environment!


@Vanessa-Admin Me too🥰 and this is exactly why we can’t keep from going back to Africa. Even if you visit the same spots all over again, it’s completely different each time.
Thank you so much @Amparo
It was really hard to decide which ones to post, because there are at least 200more🤣


Amazing! Thank you for sharing your photos. they are extraordinary!

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Thank you so much for sharing some of your great pictures and the link to homesofafrica. This is definitely a destination on our bucket list! Would love to know more about rentals, etc. . Thanks!


I’m going to Zambia in May for the second time (postponed from 2020!). Cant wait - South Luangwa National Park is amazing :star_struck:


What would you like to know about rentals? House, car…?

There’s actually one listing (without current dates at the moment), which is around the corner from the house we rented. If you look at Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate, Raptors View Wildlife Estate or Zandspruit Bush & Aero Estate, there are Houses for rent or properties to buy.
We would love to own one but without selling everything in Germany we would not be able to afford it :cry:

But!!! Latest news! From today no negative PCR Test result is reqired! Finally :pray:t3:


Thanks for sharing your pictures and the info on rentals @Düsenzofe. Now my Africa Virus which had lain dormant for some time has flared up again! :laughing:

I echo @liz tell us everything you care to share
accommodations?, location? was this a tour/safari?

There are quite a few South Africa house-sits… Just sayin’… :wink: Yesterday I was looking at one in Botswana for June and December/January.

My Zambia trip is a safari booked through Expert Africa (UK based travel company).

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Yes, but I was referring to South Africa, not Southern Africa :wink: and there is only one listing located in Hoedspruit close to the Kruger National Park.

Yes, so was I. The South Africa house-sits I mentioned are in South Africa. So if anyone is suddenly thinking, “ooh, Africa” - well, there you go!

I mentioned the Botswana one because I happened to see it yesterday. Again, if anyone’s thinking Africa would be an interesting destination - there you go! It’s in Maun which is close to the Okavango Delta.

Right, but still, there’s only one in a Wildlife Estate in Hoedspruit. There are other listings in SA, but nowhere close to the bush.

This time we simply booked the flights, made a reservation for a rental car and rented the house in the Zandspruit Bush & Aero Estate. If you plan to drive yourself through a National Park, get at least a small SUV! In other cars like limousines, you sit much too low to be able to see animals, especially when the grass is still high. You would never spot lions. Even buffalos are not easy to see.

Once arrived, there are supermarkets close by, restaurants as well as banks, gas stations and any other kind of shops and wellness one can imagine.
Driving to the Orpen Gate of the Kruger National Park takes 30-40 minutes and the fee per person per day is 440,-ZAR, which is about 25,-€ or 30,-$.
Depending on the season the gates open with sunrise and close with sunset.

There are lots of private lodges in the game reserves, and prices vary very much, bordering the park as well as government owned camps, which are much less pricey in the park. You can bring your own food and use the barbecue outside each hut.

The private game reserves took down the fences to the Kruger so wildlife can roam freely on a much larger scale than before. However, self-driving is only allowed in the National Park not in the private reserves.


we have never been to any part of Africa other than Morocco and Egypt so any information would be more than welcome :-). Anything you were surprised to find out or unexpected, that we might take for granted in other countries? We would love to do a safari of some sort so your recent trip sounds perfect. Love the idea of renting a vehicle and house. Did you find driving there a challenge?

@liz We actually are used to driving on the wrong side, because we always drive ourselves and have been to South Africa, Namibia and Botswana many times. It’s not as complicated as one might think, especially when there are other cars, because you won’t drive on the right when everybody else is driving on the left :wink::rofl:

If you don’t want to drive yourself, there are regular flights to Hoedspruit and there’s Uber. For safaris there are local companies, where you can book from a few hours to several days with various options for accommodation. Actually there’s not much that isn’t offered.

A few things, however, I ask not to do:
Don’t visit a lion park or something called endangered species center! They breed lions, take the cubs away from the mothers with 3!!! weeks, let tourists pet them, train them to walk with visitors and when they are too old and dangerous for all of this, they are sold to be shot in enclosures by stupid humans who might need several shots to finally kill these magnificent cats.
Of course they won’t tell you about this. They talk of research and taking them back to the Wild. A lion, bred in captivity and taken from the mother and siblings with 3 weeks, isn’t able to survive in the Wild. He never learned how to hunt.
So please don’t fall for high gloss brochures telling you lies!

Don’t ride elephants! They are beaten and broken until they accept human riders.

If possible avoid all interactions with wild species. It’s all about money and the animals don’t benefit at all.


Thank you! This is wonderful!


@Düsenzofe thank you for rekindling my African “Virus” … one of the the best infections one can catch :heartpulse:

We lived in N Africa for 3+ years and were privileged to go on safari twice once to Kenya and the Masai Mara and then to South Africa and the Western Cape.

Visiting South Africa was always a dream of mine, a dream which came true and the magic has stayed with me … one day to return.

I will let the pictures tell their thousand words.

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The Masai Mara is also so beautiful! Thank you so much for your pictures! We have been there twice for Christmas when I had a four day layover in Nairobi. We took a 1 hr flight from Wilson Airport to Kichwa Tembo and had the best guide and spotter in the park.