Website Feature Request: Sort Listings By Date

Wondering if there are plans in place to make it possible to sort listings by date? We have a window of availability coming up (May 4-June 20) and we can go anywhere in Australia, so obviously it’s returning a lot of sits. It would be great to see the sooner ones first before they are categorised as “Last Minute” (Or, even if there was an option we could select to see last minute sits/sits starting within 7 days that would be good too).
As it stands, I have to scroll through all the options looking for any that start soon. I can only imagine how difficult this would be in another country like the UK where there are even more sits.
Feedback? Thoughts?


I think your best bet is to create a saved sit with your availability. You will receive all notifications for your dates as they are posted. The issue you may encounter is it doesnt work on all platforms. I have it on my iPad on the website but not on the THS app. Make your search, add filters and save as a name in the last page.

Yeah, I do have a saved search, that’s not really what I’m asking for. I want to order listings by start date.

I agree that this would be a welcome addition.

I guess that would bd difficult as new ones are added everyday. And i think if you searched just for the day you need they would all come up in date order. Not quite sure what you are looking for. Sorry.