Website not user friendly

As a new member, I find the website not user friendly. The function to change dates is incredibly difficult and frustrating. First you have to search to find out how even though the dates have a button that says manage dates, but it is nonfunctional. I have a sitter coming and my return home date changed, which she is fine with. Having to unconfirm the sitter to change the date, then wait for her to OK it before you can reconfirm just means the sit goes out again and people start applying. Even after it is reconfirmed, the website still shows it as live. It is a waste of potential sitter’s time and my time having to respond to them if the sit stays live for any amount of time. I can see where unconfirming and reconfirming with the sitter can ensure there is no misunderstanding but there has to be a better way than having the sit go live.

You can invite your sitter privately but I couldn’t instantly find how to do that but this mentions it

Thank you. This is good info though it doesn’t address my issue of what occurs when you have to edit a date on a listing. But I appreciate your response.

@cinfrog01 I understand your comment and I notice this morning that @Karen-Moderator has registered your concerns with our product feedback team for future reviews of the system.

Thank you @Kootenaigirl for your helpful link :pray: