Weird requests in a house sitting ad

What is the weirdest request you ever saw in a house sitting ad?
I remember seeing an ad in which they asked to check up occasionally on an elderly mother who lived in the village. :joy:
No, I didn’t apply. :grinning:


@Els what a great question … requests can be good weird, OK weird and just plain NO weird.

We once had a listing come to the site where the sitters were being asked to take on the owner’s daily responsibility of collecting her 7 year old grand daughter from school and look after her until the parents finished work … of course we rejected the listing with a responsibly positioned “we advise” reply

What we found astonishing is that anyone would make such a request in the first place.


@Angela-HeadOfCommunity Lol! In this day & age letting your child be picked up at school by strangers shows … bravery…naivety…and definitely a whole lot of trust! :grinning:


Trusted by name … Trusted by nature :wink:


Two - one feeding a worm farm - very easy, but a bit different. Two one housesit came with a food delivery job, which we did for a month - it was mainly so the man we were housesitting for didn’t lose his job! So a housesit that we actually made money too. We would do it again and it was in a beautiful area of California - Sonoma, CA.

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@worldtraveler haha, that’s definitely an experience, great if you managed to make some money out of it. The owners of our current sit have a mobile fish & chip van, but luckily we weren’t asked to do it :grinning:


We did a sit where the owners also had a holiday let and asked, very nicely, if I would welcome in the visitors and just check the next day to see if they were ok and had everything they needed. I love meeting new people so it was a pleasure to do so. Fortunately, the HO had a cleaning lady so responsibilities didn’t extend to doing the changeover! I didn’t expect anything in return but the HO insisted on paying me and also brought back a lovely gift from their hols. House and dog were brilliant too.