Welcome Guide Access after a sit is finished


I noticed the Welcome Guide disappeared when the sit ended. I wanted the HOs’ gmails to share Google Photos, but had to Whatsapp them to ask for their gmails, as the Welcome Guide wasn’t there anymore.

When the same people invited me back and I accepted on the site, I was surprised to see a link next to their dates saying Request Welcome Guide.

Could they not fill out the Welcome Guide once, and then it becomes available for confirmed sitters, even if it disappears later? It seems unfair to get the HOs to fill it out for every sit.

Or have I got that wrong?

Thank you

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It does disappear when the sit has ended but I’m pretty sure that the information stays there, fully filled out on the home owner’s end. They have the ability to make it available to the sitters whenever they have a new set of dates.


Oh ok, thank you.

I will ask for it again nearer the time then.

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Hi @BillyBonnieBenji @Kelownagurl is correct that the Welcome Guide stays in the homeowner’s account. I have a repeat sit coming up for a homeowner who is extremely thorough. She has many sit listings in a year and will update her WG regularly and make any necessary changes and add extra details as needed.


@Snowbird That’s very helpful, thanks a lot.

I guess I shouldn’t have made the assumption that it disappeared on the HO’s end, just because I could no longer see it!

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