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Ramble on the Welsh west coast with these 8 Anglesey dog walks

On the north-western edge of the UK, the air of the channel whips away at the Welsh, perfect-for-walking island of Anglesey. Known for its rocky coastline, sandy beaches and ancient castles, this rocky point is more than ideal if you’re on the lookout for an Anglesey dog walk.

So if you’re after walking ideas for your pet sitter or you’re a house sitter yourself, find eight revered rambles that’ll get you out and about and bonding with your fluffy pal.


Oh, that scenery looks stunning! Thanks for the suggested walks (with or without doggos). Wales is on our short list of places to explore, so this list will come in handy in the not too distant future!

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Thanks for the post, Welsh is on our list of places to go to so will keep these walks saved for when that day arrives!

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Hope to be able to visit beautiful Wales when we house sit in the UK later this year.

On one of her Britain Coastal Walks, Kate Humble was in Anglesey. You can see it here on YouTube


@Crookie ah yes you will see the beautiful Menai Suspension Bridge if you visit Anglesey, designed by Thomas Telford and completed in 1826 it was the world’s first major suspension bridge.

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Not quite related to dog walks or pet sitting yet something worth going to Anglesey for: Penmon Point on Anglesey is one of a few places in the UK where one can see bioluminescent plankton. The plankton creates beautiful electric blue glow in the water when water is disturbed (with waves or if you throw a stone) and usually showes up at night after hotter days in June / July / August.

It’s an amazing spectacle, I d read about it and always thought I d have to travel somewhere like Caribbean to see something like that. I went last year to Anglesea and I was not disappointed.

And it’s becoming more popular - there probably were another 150 people on the beach at PP around midnight that night :rofl: There is a public group on FB called Bioluminescent Plankton Watch Wales that tracks plankton sightings in real time during the season.

The picture is not mine, it’s from the above-mentioned FB group.


Wow, I’ve seen bioluminescence in the sea off Koh Lanta in Thailand, but I hadn’t realised that it could be found much closer to home!

I was really surprised, as it is a feature of warmer seas. Suppose, it’s one of the side effects of global warming.

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