What APPended

Yesterday I signed into my account, as I was oddly logged out… updated my password and saw this screen and I thought wow that’s interesting.

I attempted to access my account again this morning and once again had to log in and when I logged in I got the usual screen.

Is there some major updates happening? What is actually the correct version?


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Indeed. The landing page had menu bars and not the incons on the bottom.

I remember thinking, forget it, I’ll just look for a sit later, I don’t have time to get to know a new interface right now…

Hello @HelloOutThere

Thanks for sharing the screenshot. I looked into this for you as I am keen to help.

There have been no updates or changes to the interface. If you log in to the website via your phone browser (rather than the app) and scroll down your dashboard these options appear there.

It is just part of your dashboard view and you can scroll up or down to access other parts of your dashboard.

If you logged in via the app, some pages open the mobile website version and that might be why you saw that page.

I hope that helps! I am glad that you got logged back into your account :slight_smile:

Thanks @Carla that doesn’t quite explain my scenario but my app is back to regular.
This thread can be locked in IMO. TX!

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@HelloOutThere Sorry that was not the cause of your issue. Glad you have it all sorted. I will close the post as it seems to be a unique issue, but if you need any more help DM me and I can reopen it :slight_smile:

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