App Problems

Dashboard not showing on the App again :confused:

Sorry you are having problems again, I will let the team know. Which device are you using?

Is anyone else having @Crazydoglady App issues?

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I’m using iPhone
Thanks Angela

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@Angela-CommunityManager No Dashboard coming up on my iPhone either.

@temba @Crazydoglady Good morning both - we’ve notified membership services and we will report report back as soon as we have an update for you. Thanks for your patience.

Hi again @temba @Crazydoglady … Membership Services have tested this morning and can’t see any issues or other reported problems. Could I ask if you could let us know if it’s resolved itself or if you are still having problems. Many thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @Vanessa-Admin Still having problems. I turned off the app settings then turned off my iPhone for several minutes before turning it and the app settings back on. The Dashboard has not come up after 2 minutes.

Thanks for coming back. Does it show anything at all or are you getting a blank screen?

Hi @Vanessa-Admin I get the 5 links at the bottom but then the pink paw just keeps flashing and flashing.

@temba @Crazydoglady I will get back onto MS and see if they have any suggestions.

@Vanessa-Admin Thank you!

@temba @Crazydoglady

@Katie-MembershipServices suggests to uninstall and reinstall the app as this fixed the same problem when it last occured. Let us know if that works.

@Vanessa-Admin @Katie-MembershipServices Thank you both as that has fixed the problem.


That’s good to hear!

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I am missing two (latest) reviews on the app that are there on the website?!?
I will try uninstalling and reinstalling the app based on @Angela-CommunityManager 's advise.


That has fixed my issue!


Glad that worked for you Clare!

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