Mobile App is frustratingly slow

I’ve recently found the mobile app really slow with the paw icon flashing intermittently and then nothing loads. An example is when I am notified of a sit that is one of my saved searches. I click to view it and i’m taken to the app and the flashing paw icon which goes on flashing and then eventually it loads to my homepage and not the sit page.

Hi @PetsSit

Thank you for raising this with us, did you recently send this through to us in Membership Services as we got a similar email regarding the app being slow to load.

We would advise you to uninstall and reinstall the app, to see if this fixes the issue.

Can you also confirm the following?
what device are you using? iPhone, Android etc
what operating system version are you using? IOS 14.0 etc

This will help us investigate if it is a specific device or operating system.

Currently, I am using Android version 11 and it takes less than 5seconds of the flashing paw for my dashboard to load, I will test the saved search notification later today.

Hope to hear from you soon.
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Not sure if same issue - but we’ve sometimes have to click on another page e.g search and then back to dashboard for anything to show.

iPhone 12 Pro Max - iOS 14.4.2

Not sure whether to make a new topic for this - but on the iPhone 12 Pro Max the navigation at the top and bottom are too close to the edge




Hi Katie.

Using Android 8.1.0. My partner also has the same issue with Android (not sure of his operating system version). We have uninstalled and reinstalled app and made no difference.

In addition as @ChrisAndSuzeGoWalkies mention sometimes the Dashboard doesn’t load and we also have to click elsewhere like on ‘Search’ and then go back for anything to come up.

I haven’t emailed Membership Services so there must be others experiencing the same issue.

Thank you

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I have an iPhone SE - iOS 9.3 which takes 20 PAW flashes before the dashboard comes up. Like ChrisAndSuzeGoWalkies I usually click on Search as soon as that appears then return to dashboard when I’m ready to.

Thank you @ChrisAndSuzeGoWalkies @PetsSit and @temba for all this information and your phone information.

@Ben-Product would you be able to have someone take a look into this?

What is really curious is that I am not having any issues with the system loading from my non work account and my work account.

I also tested the app notifications and I have been brought directly to the sit page.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention so we can investigate this further.
Kind regards,


Yes looking into it. I will keep this thread updated. Ben