What are the main differences between England's supermarket brands

They’re a little bit east from where I was talking about but I’m sure someone will know where they are in these areas. The quality and freshness is unbelievable.
Most of them are cash although my beloved cheese stall has a device to swipe your card.

Trader Joe’s is owned by Aldi so a lot of the products are similar or from the same suppliers. In Portugal the products are still sold under the Trader Joe’s label. Trader Joe’s still has better PR than Aldi as some Aldi’s stores could be really run down.

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You may also find that there are farms nearby with a farm shop. These usually sell a mix of produce from the farm itself and items from other local producers.

Hi @BunnyCat thanks and yes I did know they were now owned by Aldi and was hoping Aldi would bring the exact TJ replica to the UK … when we were sitting in NY there was a new TJ opened on the Upper West Side they had to close the doors on a Sunday post security and only let a certain number in at one time …

I shop at Waitrose and Morrisons in the UK although where we live we are really restricted even with farm shops etc., which is where I do like to shop …

Here’s a question for everyone;

Who does the grocery shopping in your family and do you know the cost of items or are you a "if I want it I buy it " consumer?

As I work from home and have little spare time my husband does the grocery shopping (he need a list, which is my bag) and knows the cost of everything.
I get a "Do you know … " update with each shop.


Well I only shop for myself and grocery shopping in the UK is super fun for me. I know I’m weird but this is known.
I love to try different things so even though I have a basic mental list of the things I prefer
I am always delighted at finding something new.
I am definitely an “I buy what I want” person, within my means.
Where varies on what’s available in the area but Lidl, Asda and Sainsbury are my fun places.

Walmart is one place I don’t miss and will avoid as much as possible :crazy_face:

This is a topic very close to my heart, as I spent most of my career working in or for Supermarkets in Scotland. 15 years in supermarkets and 15 years in distribution, to supermarkets.

It is still a bit of a hobby of mine to visit different supermarkets wherever I am in the world.

Sad or what?

You ask about England, but nowadays most of the UK is the same, the only exception in Scotland is Waitrose, I think there are only 6 stores in Scotland, the rest kind of equally spread across the UK.

More recently on my few visits home I have definitely sided more with Lidl, its prices, offers, bakery (as mentioned above), and quality I find, are generally overall better than the rest, unless you have an open budget. My only complaint about Lidl is they sometimes have offers on a product, which is not then available after the offer expires, so you buy at a good price, then can’t find it next time you visit.

The Co-op, surprisingly, is probably my second choice, but again it is because of “offers”. Most co-ops nowadays are smaller, local stores, so the range is limited, and they tend to have weekly offers, BOGOF (buy one get one free) offers, and that product is not there next week. (I was a store manager in the co-op in 1983 when I was 20 – a long time ago!) I have also worked for Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrisons, Safeway and a couple of smaller retailers over the years.

Morrisons is good, at times, they own their own farms and processing factories, so keep costs down and quality reasonable, but I think they have lost their advantage since being taken over recently.

Tesco is the Uk’s biggest supermarket, so if you find a Tesco Superstore or Extra near you, that is a great option to find the biggest selection of goods, but not always the best quality in my opinion, and again as mentioned above, there are Tesco Metro and Tesco Express stores in most towns, but they do charge more. (As do Sainsbury convenience stores on most high streets)


If we are pet-sitting we shop together and love to find new shops/markets.
When at home Mr Itchyfeet does the shopping as he loves it. He will visit most supermarkets. I have to write the list in the order that he walks round the shop (he is very methodical).
Sometimes he deviates from the list and brings home maybe a couple of parsnips which do not go with anything I have planned. Or he will bring home sufficient broccoli to feed the street.
He doesn’t worry about the cost as I am in charge of finances!!
I do sometimes receive presents though - Magnums are my current favourite!!!


Not sad at all!
Love exploring new foods and finding offers are always a delight!
Even when my family was young and I was home, o had a habit of getting something new each week, a fruit or a veg. Then we would look up what it was where it came from and how to eat it. Sometimes it was a big win other times a failed experiment. :nerd_face:
Sorry full quote cut off. Big thumbs I guess.


@Amparo No, I think the “Quote” is about right.

The World - Sad.


You are a magical being that can read my thoughts :sparkles:


Love it @Itchyfeet thank you, that made me smile … I have one who never deviates from the list and if he doesn’t have one he brings the identical products home each time.

Question does Mr I cook? Mr L doesn’t and so there is no using the imagination to buy extra ingredients to create a surprise dish of something :wink:

Yes from time to time - fries the best egg possible!! :hatching_chick:

I love food markets. On our second date, I asked my husband if he minded going with me to the food market to pick up a few items for my dad. He was delighted, and that’s when we discovered we both like food shopping!

After a life-shattering loss years ago, I went through a lengthy period of complicated grief. Whole Foods Market was a respite. Just walking around in there was a comfort.

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I am from Brisvegas (aka Brisbane) currently sitting in Scotland where I have been for a few weeks now. My friends and family back home, I am sure, are tiring of my constant raving about the supermarkets here lol I send pictures of inside the stores, particularly of the fruit and veges which are sooo terribly expensive at home at present. Paying roughly .80 cents for an iceberg lettuce, .60 cents for a capsicum, tomatoes average $1 a kilo and so on and so on.

Don’t even START me on the rest of the stuff in the stores, I tell everyone I am going sightseeing to the supermarket! Hard not to buy everything! The range of fresh, prepackaged and frozen food is simply unbelievable, far better than anything in Oz.

I have a Sainsbury’s and an Aldi here and I basically just double the GBP price to roughly take it to the nearest Oz price. There is also Morrisons, Tesco, ASDA, Waitrose etc. I had to buy some new adaptors this week (long story about losing everything in London) so I ordered them online from one store and picked them from Sainsburys where I am here. You can buy nearly anything and simply pick it up from the closest Sainsburys!

Trying hard to control myself as it would be so easy to put on weight with the range available. e.g. I started buying cheese and tomato FRESH pizzas for $AUD1 but had to stop as they were so yummy it was becoming a habit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Off to Nottingham for my next sit then London and I know London has a vastly different setup as well.

But don’t worry, I’m finding this trip much cheaper and better food than any previous visits so though the exchange rate is bad (it always is) I think I am still on top financially. Plenty of choices everywhere. Good luck!


YES! I am driving my sister crazy with pics of fresh produce and snippets from the shops with price tags and funny bits not seen in her 100 mile radius back in the US. :laughing:
I’ve given up fighting with myself and putting myself in an undesirable state of displeasure.
It all balances out in the end, like you say choices are abundant.

Hi @ziggy I’m also from Brissie where iceberg lettuces are currebtly between $9-$12 each, fresh beans are hard to get, zucchinis are $14 per kilo, tomatoes near $10 per kilo, all due to the floods at the end of February destroying all the crops in the Lockyer Valley which feeds Australia in winter. The food chains like KFC & Subway who rely on lots if lettuce are supplementing their fillings with cabbage! Customers are not happy!

Thanks for the heads up on Sainsburys.

If you find fresh berries on your UK travels, have heaps for me as none avail here in our NZ region :sob::sob:.

Will start a new post about Eastern US markets.

When we last visited Canada, it was hilarious wandering the supermarket as found stuff I thought had disappeared long ago :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:.

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RunnerC heaps of berries, all types, here at present and affordable. I best make the most of them whilst I can it appears! :grin:


They are currently in season. My last sit had heaps of strawberries and raspberries in the garden. Pure joy.


Hi Cookie. Well you will think you have died and gone to heaven when you see the prices here :joy:

I was in Brisbane during the floods, what a terrible time. I feel so sorry for the farmers, and everyone who lost so much. A shame people don’t understand or sympathize with the farmers, as to why they can’t get lettuce on their takeaways. Goodness, under the circumstances I would be grateful just to HAVE the cabbage in lieu of. Terrible times for sure, for all :weary: