What does "Recommended" mean

When I am looking for places and pets to sit, I have a choice of Recommended, or “Newest”.

What exactly is Recommended?

Is it distance, experience, response rate, what?

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H Deb
From what I can tell, it is nothing more than a strategy to showcase sits with low applications–which I believe is less than 3–and hopefully help them get applicants. A sit with this label however, in no way automatically indicates it is undesirable in any way. There are just way more sits available than people to fill them.

Considering listings are removed and go into review after 5 applications have been received–which I consider a pretty low number–this label seems unnecessary.

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I absolutely detest the ‘recommended’ search default on the website. When you are doing repeated searches for new listings in a specific area (that are always gone within the hour it takes the saved search alert to reach you due to the 5 application limit) it is so frustrating to have to remember to change it every single time.
I have commented on this before and can not imagine the random ‘recommended’ would be what any sitter would want as the default.


@KC1102 @Kootenaigirl Thanks, that’s what I thought it was. There is no sense at all to what appears on my Recommended. Thanks for clarifying.

I agree with you that it is a nuisance to have to select “Newest” and “Apply” every time you want to check new listings. The choice of “Recommended or Newest” is in the same line of boxes as the other settings you choose that remain the same, so it too should remain the same once you hit “Apply” and “Save Search.” It’s quite misleading to have a link in the email advising of new listings that says “See x number new listings” and when you select the link, it automatically defaults to recommended listings instead of the new ones.