Sit Search Criteria

What comprises “Recommended” sits when searching in the app? Wouldn’t that encompass “New” as well?

The recommended ones have few applicants, so THS tries to promote them. By contrast, the “new” ones have been posted most recently.

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Just wondering if I’m missing any? If Recommended are low applicants, what’s the “cutoff” for New? Somewhere in there, sits would fall between the cracks, right? Thanks, All.

From my search, listings are marked as “new” for 24 hours, but if a homeowner makes a change to their listing it will be boosted to the top of the list and marked as “new” again.

You can search for specific locations and see other sits. Presumably no one has time or interest in looking at every single sit listed on the site. But if you’d like to, you could.

Of course not but when I enter a specific country or area, it requires me to check either Recommended or New. I want to be sure that with either of those, it will give ALL available in descending order with those parameters. Thanks!