How long does a sit show up as "new" in the listings

subject says it :-). I I filter for “new” sittings how long do they stay marked as “new” . A day, a week…?

Hi Liz a good question which has been asked by others … the answer is 24 hours

thanks so much Angela - I must have not done a very good search :slight_smile: I am assuming they roll off at the bottom of the feed as they get older?

@liz Yes, the news ones appear at the top of the search results and then the older ones lower down. But sometimes owners ‘boost’ their listing or add new dates or decline all of their applicants and the listing will be marked as new again.
Feel free to ask any more questions or DM me :slight_smile:

Hi Carla

I am having an issue with not seeing “new” sits at the top of my feed when using the app. I receive loads of notifications every day for locations I have saved, however when I open them, it shows house sits that I’ve already seen days ago / those in very remote locations.

I then today scrolled all the way down for what felt like forever, to then see all of the new house sits that were all of interest to me, however every single one I clicked on is already reviewing applications!

Is this normal? I am very new to trusted house sitters, however have missed out on applying for so many lovely looking sits :frowning: is there a way that my saved searches can show all of the new house sits first, when looking on the app?

Would really appreciate some help on this. Thank you!

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@EliseP Welcome to the community, it’s lovely to have you here and I will gladly help you.
I am just looking at my app for reference to assist further and I am sorry that you are unable to see new sits first.

I am not sure what device you are using as I have an iPhone, but when I search for a location on the app all of the sits that appear first in the list are marked as new and this is the same when I view my saved search list any that are new (within the last 24 hours) are at the top of the list and then I can scroll down to view the older ones.

I do have one saved search in a location that does not have many sits, so none are marked as new as they have been posted for a few days and the new badge has dropped off.

Also if you are seeing the same listing as new again, it might be when the owner declines all of their previous applicants the listing gets posted again. Owners with certain membership levels also have the option to boost their listing making it new again.

If you are continually not seeing new listings at the top of your app search or saved search then it might be best for the Membership Services Team to look into your account as they can also view your account in an app view and check that everything is working okay.

You can reach out to them at and sending screenshot examples can also help.

Also feel free to ask any more questions (you can also start a new topic) about how to get started as there are lots of experienced members here that will be happy to help you get on your way with your sitting adventure :slight_smile:

If you add your sitters profile to your listing other members can view it and give you feedback.
Here is how to add it:

If you need any help just let me know.

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