What Features Would You Like to See on THS?

Not on THS, on Discourse and someone (who?) mentioned this before. We need a sad hug emoji to indicate sympathy.

Hello @Therese
Is there any update on this topic?

Mostly for me it is about the direction toward or not the equity between the HO profile vs. Sitter profile with this just being one issue as an example.

One way THS could “please most” (anyway) is if THS let sitters and HO click buttons like the amenities to active and deactivate as needed certain criteria like:
Show age / age range
Pause listing at 5 / 10 / 20 apps
Ok to contact HO with question
Ok to contact sitter with question

Also, is the " what feature" thread gone?


Hi @HelloOutThere
Thank you for checking in on this.

I have moved your topic to the ‘what feature’ thread, to keep all feedback together, and we will need to find out more info on your question. We will come back to you as soon as I hear back.

Hi all!

I have a small chorkie who doesn’t bark and loves all other animals. He is diabetic for the last 9 months and almost died the last time I left him with a sitter. So, I can only sit if he comes along. I wish there was a button that said yes or no to sitter’s dogs. It takes a lot of time doing an application and waiting just to finally hear a “no.”
I also would love it if there were a way to eliminate sits that you want to pass on so they don’t continue to show up in your search. I do favorite the ones I like but why not a don’t see again button as well? I live in an urban area that has a multitude of sits and I sometimes forget the heading, etc. of a sit I will never apply for so waste a lot of time going back through ones I’ve already seen. Is there a trick to this?

When searching for sits, I would love to be able to include the ‘no pets’ category in with the pet categories I’m comfortable looking after. I have to do two searches - one including pets and then do a separate search for ‘no pet’ listings. Appreciate you can save searches, but when you are searching multiple areas/countries/dates - that doesn’t really help.

@prholst "I have mentioned this before, however will do so again.
Allow owners to have a selectable ‘number of applications’ option. Default it to 5 as is the norm now for everyone, however for those who would like more applicants for their sitter listings they simply change the number in their profile. Voila!"

LOVE this suggestion. Brilliant and simple!


Things I’ve probably mentioned before, even written to the company about and gotten no response:

  1. Please get rid of the age on sitters’s profiles and the filters for sitter age that HOs can use on the app. Whether or not some homeowners want to filter by age is irrelevant. Those homeowners still have other ways of figuring out a sitter’s approximate age without THS sharing sitters’ personal data. The filter is out right creepy because in addition to ruling out a large number of members, homeowners could literally choose to only talk to sitters under 24 or target sitters over 64. Think of worst case scenarios and discuss with your legal team. Or the markets you operate in where this is considered very sketchy. Of course any sitter who feels like putting their age on their profile is welcome to. They could also put their date of birth, pet names and passwords!

  2. Report buttons for both sits and sitters. As a combined member, I’ve seen profiles AND listings that seemed to violate the TOC/TOS. Luxury homes with implied fees. Drop in sits. Sitters who imply that they’ll expect payment or are pushing other jobs they can do for pay, etc. It shouldn’t be the members’ job to police the site, but if it is, please make it easier.

  3. I realize part of the reason for the “new product update” is to avoid cancel-hopping among sitters. Please do better. Develop a way to actually track cancellations whether initiated by HOs or sitters, to make sure both parties have the same understanding of what happened, and to make sure the sitter isn’t cancelling to take a “better” sit and the HO isn’t cancelling frivolously. The current system still doesn’t track cancelations and sitters could have high numbers of cancelations without anyone knowing. This only becomes known when HO’s “report” the sitter – not when they repost. Most HOs don’t want trouble, accept whatever excuse sitters give, and move on. This isn’t a problem if the sitter really had an “extraordinary” reason, but if a sitter (or homeowner) is cancelling often, there is an issue and the company needs to track that.

  4. Make it easier for HOs to change the dates when mutually agreed upon either before a sit starts or during a sit. Right now it’s cumbersome and changes aren’t always recorded. With the new product update, this is a big problem as a homeowner could cut a longterm sit short by a week or two and the sitter would have difficulty finding a sit for the gap. As there is currently a sitter shortage, that’s a problem for both sitters and homeowners.

  5. Dog filter by size and/or breed.


I have actually written to support about this issue. Have never received a reply.

Hello, @Marion Therese is currently offline so I can help with this one, I’m sorry you have been waiting for a reply. I can see that Membership Services replied to you about the age filter on the 7th of June 2023, it was a little while ago feel free to submit a new enquiry if you can’t find their email. Feel free to DM me if you need more information, I’m happy to help.

I have passed this question back to the Product team. Thank you for your patience as it is the festive season and when I know more I will let you know.

Thank you for your other suggestions, we will pass these on and when we know more we will post updates here, which hopefully we can post a few more on this thread in the new Year! :grin:

Thanks I’ll check my junk mail. It’s probably gone as my mail box was stuffed/

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@BruceT I stopped using the calendar because I found that HOs don’t look at it. I get invitations all the time for dates that I already have a THS sit booked so the dates are clearly marked out on the calendar. I’ve received at least 10 invites for holiday sits over the past month when I booked my Christmas sit months ago. Given how cumbersome the calendar is to use and the fact that most HOs don’t look at it, I see no reason to waste my time.


@carpediem16 yes it appears a simple solution so let’s keep our fingers crossed that it is easily implemented.

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Even if THS “fixed” calendar functionality, it’s going to be unlikely to significantly boost calendar use. That’s because most sitters are only occasional users, not sitting full time. If so, there’s little motivation for them to fill out a THS calendar. And because of that — without most sitters using the THS calendar — it will remain pretty useless for hosts to check sitters’ calendars.


Still wishing the Europe seach filter will return. I liked it.
The (UK) or Britain, is a country in Northwestern Europe but because of the high number of the sits in the UK, the Europe filter focused main land Europe

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I certainly wouldn’t want everyone who pays a TH fee to have access to my physical address and the days I won’t be home. But I live in a very small town where there is no confusion that it is a long way from everywhere!

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At this point, I feel like I’m just venting, but wow they really need a report button on inappropriate listings and profiles. I’m not talking about listings that sitters think are “too much work” but listings that are straight out dangerous and involve clear violations of the TOC. Also sitter profiles that are very veiled attempts to charge for services, and other sketchy stuff. There is a currently a listing, and I won’t link to it here. It’s in “last minute sits” and involves what is clearly – a “NFP” rescue center (probably unlicensed).They cannot even specify the number of dogs that will be there when the sitter is. And the listing itself mentions to call them if there are “injuries.” It doesn’t look like there have been previous sitters, so I don’t get why it wasn’t called out before but it looks like a horrible situation and one that could lead to sitter injury if someone were niave enough to take it because they “trusted” Trusted Housesitters. It’s also one that could put a sitter in the precarious legal position of possibly violating laws by participating in a situation where animals are not being properly maintained. This shouldn’t be the job of members, but when members come across something, they should be able to say something. It makes a horrible statement that THS would allow a listing that is (1) not a homestay (2) has strong breeds that aren’t actually the lister’s “pets”.

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I would love to remove people from my inbox that are no longer active. It would clean up our inboxes a lot.


Tracking cancellations for HO & sitter.
How about when the “apply” process starts…that’s when cancellations are posted. Perhaps not publicly displayed but at least some alert indication before fully applying.

How about phase II of the overhaul of THS’ “look” there is a verbiage update.

Instead of application use “interest”; instead of sitter use (tricky since it is TH SITTERS) but in the workings of the process…sitter can mislead one’s “position”; instead of HO use “opportunity.”

I don’t know…sometimes HO & sitter sounds like it is an unequal exchange… maybe sometimes it’s just my state of mind after reading posts…

Where did you go on the website to do this?